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Lightless Arbor - Novaboy

Maybe i am being masochistic but tried T4 Arbor a few times on Novaboy build. I can use TP to avoid the first big AOE then run from second. But keep getting one shot by the fire / phys little boulders which drop and also by the Roots if i survive the boulders by luck. Have 100%+ CA, 60%+ Endurance and Res Capped on all but only 1.5k Life. Anyone have suggestions other than 1) try again and again when i get enough keys or 2) make different tankier char ?

The big circle aoe’s have a save spot at the very edge, inside the little building, where the kindling is. You don’t need to use movement skill for that.

Both adds spawning and boudlers dropping from the sky have telegraphs you need to avoid.

I would highly recommend going into the dungeon on T2 or T3 and deliberately not kill the boss and try learnign the mechanics.

Phase 2 will be a whole other test too, because that pahse is a lot more chaotic and multiple things happening at once.

thanks Heavy for good advice will try T2 out.

The big circle feels kinda busted imo. Wayyy too fast compared to other boss AoE’s and oneshots thru reaper form/death seal.

for big AoE i find i can TP / Shift etc out of range but doing Warpath is impossible to get out of the way its way too fast. I have tried Heavy suggestion but even though i see the small boulder telegraph on ground i cant move out of the way fast enough. Perma death.