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Lightless Arbor, Can't light the right side kindling

First time running this dungeon and i can’t light the kindling on the right hand side (the kinding needed to damage the mountain). I got the left side lit, destroyed the barrier on the right hand side ok. There’s no spot anywhere I can find to indicate the kindling on the right hand side. I spent at least 20 minutes trying to find it. No lantern, no kindling, nothing.
I had to teleport out. Very sad.
Player.log (154.2 KB)

This is a first… People usually report the issues with the boss or one-shot mechanics without safe places to “stand” while attacking the kindling… Dont think I have heard of being unable to light the the right hand side…

Are you saying the kindling just wasnt there or that the Amber flame was not moving or something more specific?

Usual process to confirm what you should be doing: Both sides have a briar covering over the kindling section that has to be broken first through normal means (attacks etc)… then you have to “send” the Amber into the back of the little “gazebo” place to light the kindling - If I recall my own testing, you cannot always light the kindling just by standing at the edge of the kindling - you have to “send” the amber in and then you kite around dodging attacks/summons till its done or you need the amber back - whatever works.

I cannot see any messages in the debug log that may indicate the kindling on the right didnt spawn or that there was something wrong with the Amber flame… There are one or two errors that I have seen before in other logs related to bugs but nothing specific to Lightless Arbour… at least not obvious to me,

One thing I do see is a lot of FMOD errors (this is the Unity Sound add-on) that are not common in logfiles… So something is most definitely not happy with the sound and/or possibly the install…

I would recommend that you verify the game files if you are using steam - just to make 100% sure that your install is actually ok.

On the maintenance side - I would also make sure that your system is generally up to date - GPU/Windows etc and because of the FMOD errors - maybe even check that your Sound devices / sound related apps etc are up to date and not reporting any issues in View Reliability History / Event viewer.

What does this mean in real game controls? On the left side I broke the barrier, then I got a message that there’s a lamp and an empty green bar. I hold the mouse down until the green bar fills and the kindling lights. On the right side I broke the barrier and get no message about any lamp and no bar to fill. The game doesn’t say anything about getting the amber back and I don’t see any way to do that.

If you press the D key that sends the Amber from your character to your mouse cursor, pressing it again recalls it. What Vapour is saying is that after destroying the barrier you can press D while your mouse is near the kindling and the Amber will go to that spot while you are able to kite the attacks of the mobs.

Did you notice what the counter was for the Amber? It decreases by 1 each time you get hit, so I wonder if it got reduced to 0 by the time you got to the second barrier.

Must be I didn’t get the Amber back after lighting the kindling. IMHO, that should be automatic. Thanks for the help.

When you do it again, please take note of the things Llama8 and I mentioned… It may be that your specific use case highlights a problem that the devs can maybe look into…

Maybe even to improve the dungeon… e.g. having the amber automatically return to you after the kindling is destroyed could be a nice QoL improvement to the fight… Perhaps you did have zero amber as Llama8 guesses… in which case perhaps the devs should consider Amber never dropping to below 1 in the boss fight round…

Who knows… but I believe its useful to confirm these kinds of issues… maybe nothing is changed, but at least its checked/tested…