Lightless Arbor Boss as melee

If you don’t have a decent range on your melee weapon (i.e. you’re not two handed), then using a melee attack on the boss in phase 2 just makes your character run around in a semi circle until it registers it can hit the hitbox, forcing you to have to shift click for attacks, which then causes you problems with either hitting the boss, or having to figure out if you’re hitting the boss.

Or you forget to shift click and now you’ve ran into all it’s abilities.

Please just make the hitbox a bit bigger.

It’s really hard to enjoy the end game right now. Every dungeon boss is in a terrible state.

(obviously this is with auto move on, a dungeon boss shouldn’t make a qol setting like that unusable)

Is this any different to before 0.9 & is it any different offline versus online? ie, have they changed something or is it a bug? Or both.

same iirc, dont see how its relevant, this is feeback, not bug posting

But if they hadn’t intentionally changed anything then any differences would likely be due to bugs (or possibly lag). Just because it’s feedback doesn’t mean it might not also be a bug report.

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Feel free to go post a bug report about it with your experience ^^

You’re getting really defensive for no reason dude. @Llama8 asked a perfectly relevant question.

Given I’ve not even got to empowered monos (it’s so tedious), I’ve not had this experience (& my current character isn’t melee) so can’t speak to it, hence the questions to try & understand.


I just get bored before I get that far & start an alt or something. In fact, I can feel the desire to do something Spellblade with the Elemental Burst thing (I’m sure it’s going to be bad, but I’m fine with that & I think it might even have a bug).

Edit: I really should be trying to farm for a Heart of Uhkeiros as that would make my Necro build significantly more tanky, I’m just not sure I can be arsed. So I’m working on unlocking empowered & hope I can get there (& to the empowered Dragon boss) before I decide to gouge my eyes out. Ironically, trading would probably help…

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