Lightless Arbor Abilities INVISIBLE

There is several issues in the Lightless Arbor Bossfight with abilities and telegraphs being invisible or misleading.


  1. In the first phase the falling rocks telegraphs are not always visible. You sometimes randomly die by “Rock Fall” without being able to react or avoid the ability. [Example]

  2. The vines in the first phase are so much wider than the visuals suggest. You can get caught by vines even if you teleport in time or if you stand “too close”. [Example]

  3. In the second phase, especially in Level 4, the boss rapidly chains his abilities and telegraphs with are laid on top of each other occasionally lead to some telegraphs and even the abilities themselves to be completely invisible. I had several instances of my character dieing without even seeing a telegraph or an ability. [Example 1], [Example 2]

General Problems:

  1. When running into the wall in the first phase and placing your cursor IN the wall and not just outside of it the character will run away from the wall. This can lead to the character dieing in the stomp ability when trying to hug the wall. [Example]

Please fix the visual problems with the fight because farming boss specific uniques is very frustrating when surviving the fight is based on luck and not skill. Oh yeah, and maybe scale down the rock fall slightly, it hits VERY hard for a non-oneshot mechanic. If someone has knowledge of additional bugs in the fight feel free to share them below.

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According to the patch notes of 1.0.7 the missing telegraph for Rock Fall in the first phase has been fixed, the rest of the issues are however still in the game.

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