Lighning wearbear

Hi i rly like the idea of having a wearbear form focused on lightning. right now it feels bad thx to the only good lightning skill for them is swipe and it feels boring to spam swipe all day long.

Peresonaly i wuld like it for wearbear to get more lightning suport and not only by going lightning swipe. i like the idea of casting lightning while running but i want some more stuff that can work around a lightning bear

Dont know about you but it feels like a lightning wearbear wuld be a cool concept and have some synergies whit tempest strike.

Indeed there is only so much in the arsenal of Werebears and it is melee focussed.

Currently there are 3 abilities(rampage,swipe,maul) that can do lightning dmg and some secondary effects like lightning bolts (Rampage + FuryLeap/Maul).

If i where to make another character i would use Swipe as a buff+filler skill as usual but instead shred lightning res and the main DMG ability would be probably Maul if used with Swipe. Not much more variety but slightly better than to swipe all day.

I must confess I don’t understand the concept behind lightning bear. There are lots of nots across different skills that add lightning damage, but there is no lightning damage conversion. Hence swipe or Werebear don’t scale with lightning damage, just it’s added damage. Warcry has cold damage support, but no lightning. In comparison mages or sentinels have lots of damage conversions. So far I didn’t really see a good lightning Werebear so it seems I’m not the only one struggling.

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Sadly this is true. I would try scaling flat lightning for melee weapon dmg and % increased lightning , and stack attunement on top of strength since it has synergy with the lightning bolts and Maul and gives a nice crit avoidance bonus if specced.

Tbh i dont know how much damage the bolts will do, but if its enough to clear trash mobs like Maelstrom i’m fine with it.

theres one node in wearbear that converts maul and rampage to lightning dmg and its requierd to pick if you wanna have the lightning bolts while rampainging

you have a node in wearbear that scales your str to added spell dmg but it still feels rly bad to just use rampage for the bolts and then forced to use swipe on bosses

You can use Maul as well for bolts when speccing the lightning node in Fury Leap and speccing skull crusher.

y but iy still feels clunky to use and you probebly will do more dmg whit spaming swipe then reling to much on the lightning strikes from maul/leap procs

Depends. Maul has way better damage scaling.
I tried to make Swipe work during leveling but it becomes zdps very fast in comparison to Maul, unless you exploit some niche mechanics like low life builds or use swipe for dots.

But from a pure hit damage perspective Swipe pales in comparison to Maul.

ok thx will have to try a maul build and hope for the best reading the new patch nodes and nothing new for wearbear and the buffs for swarmblade are boring thx to i hate the hive swarmstrike build thx to the wasp just run away to other side im moving

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Leveled a Lightning Werebear to Monoliths, focussing on the Lagon’s Wrath (in Fury Leap tree) node as well. This way i can utilize it with Maul.
Have mainly flat lightning weapon damage and around 400 % increased lightning damage.

The lightning bolts are visually and damage wise barely noticable during my playthrough.
It does damage sure, but so does Maul by itself (even more) when instead speccing other nodes in Fury Leap tree.

I gave a feedback about this skill and i will not continue it any longer.
Perhaps switching to cold hit damage as the synergies with staff+upheaval node ,for massive flat cold damage, are way better.

Here is a link to the build in case anyone can salvage something out of it.

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I was also captivated by the fantasy of the lightning bear. It is great fun with while clearing the map - but I struggle badly with single target DPS.\

I think that maul and rampage should not completely lose the “physiscal” tag when you grab the bear node bringer of storms. At that point is becomes hard to support the build item wise as boosting the damage of rampage and maul will dedcrese the damage of swipe and vice versa.

So far it seems the only way to make the build work is using the earthquake proccing mace from the 3 shamans (which has not dropped for me despite 6 boss kills now RIP).

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