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Life's Journey and Spirit Plague bug

Hi there.
I have been playing around with a harvest reaper and tried out life’s journey.
Sadly i had to notice that the Spirit Plague triggered by Life’s Journey, the unique shield, deals substantially less damage than if i self cast it.

I counter-checked with other players in the Last Epoch Discord, and it seems to be indeed the case that triggering spirit plague via Life’s Journey deals less damage.

spirit plague tree:

Sadly, in my case the dmg difference between triggered and selfcast is big enough to cost me a good deal of dmg, causing me to drop the build.

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First and foremost,

welcome to the forums!

After I saw you post on discord I did some testing my self and found out, that in my setup there is the same or similar issue.

But for me it was not as massive, since most of my SP damage comes from the bleed stacks it applies.

Here is my SP Tree

Self-Cast is ~520 dmg and triggered is ~320 dmg.

I did testing with gear completely unequipped (except the Unique Life’s Journey Bandit Shield)

My assumption is, that some nodes only apply to “directly casted SP”, even though they don’t state it.

I hope this is unintended and will get fixed.

… or maybe it simply applies the raw spell, without the skill tree. :frowning:

That is not the case, as it still triggers e.g. the bleeding from Hemorrhage and the spreading from plague burst.
It seems to affect only dmg values

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