Life Leech and Warpath Earthscorcher doesn't work (BUG)

Guys, I just started playing the game.

There’s a bug about the Warpath skill node upgrade of Sentinel Earthscorcher.. It says it converts it to fire elemental damage, right? But I also have passive elemental damage leeched as health in my armor and book(chalice) but doesn’t seem to work

I have Elemental damage leeched as health on crit and also Elemental damage leeched as health.

On the Character stats in Defense tab
Health Gained on hit
Health Gained on Melee Hit
Damage Lecheed As health
Melee Damage Leeched as Health On hit
Melee and spell damage leeched as health

Everything is 0

-I also asked players on Global chat and a streamer they said Fire Tag should be Elemental Damage

-I watched if there’s a faded hp bar but there’s none
Also removed all the health regen stuff so I can see it clearly if the HP goes up everytime i do damage or kill but it doesn’t

-I also tried the idol that gives Health on kill and it works.
So really the problem here is Earthscorcher even though it says “Swaps Warpath’s Physical tag for a Fire tag” it doesn’t consider it as Elemental damage.

-I just got an item that has “Damage leeched as health” and it works as intended (I regen very fast than my normal regen rate - Yes I know that it isn’t instant)…
So I’m very sure at this point that Earthscorcher that makes Warpath skill a “Fire tag” doesn’t activate Elemental damage lifesteal is the bug when it’s supposed to be an elemental damage.