Life leech and DoT

I couldn’t find any good recent posts on this. Sounds like global life leech should apply to DoT effects? Is this true for minions too? Both skellies and mages have nodes that add global life leech, if I’m doing a poison minion build will those nodes help keep my minions alive?

It should do, yes.

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Curiously if you have 30 poison wraiths stacking poison on a boss is the total damage divided equally for each minion to leech or do they all get equal leech based on the total dot damage?

If multiple enemies are getting multiple stacks from multiple minions how is that formulated out?
Does a minion get leech from another minions damage on a mob?

Each minion will just leach from the damage it deals. Separate damage over time instances are tracked separately, even if they’re of the same type, so the game knows who to attribute the leech to.


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