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Lich skill/mechanic idea

Hi there! love the game so far, and i can see real potential for the future.

I really like the idea of a lich class, though i miss a certain aspect of it. As the Lich class is all about fully embracing death i would love to see a kind of evil counterpart to the Druid for it.

The Lich would take on various undead forms like a grim reaper kind of form for melee, or an undead lich form for spells. Either granting new abilities, or effects to go along with the new forms.

Or maybe a hybrid, going from human form as a caster to undead form melee for a short while. The forms could also simply be buffs for other skills or change their mechanics for the time of the buff.

An example of this:
Normally ure a caster using Rip Blood. If you want you can turn into a Undead melee form which would change rip blood to a melee type ability and convert some of your spell damage to fit the morphed skill.

Would be awesome and unique but probably hard to get into the game.


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