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Lich Reaper passive node and Dots

Does anyone know if Dots trigger the Reaper passive kill threshold?

I dont want to waste any passive poinst and its hard to tell. Also google isnt a big help, so i hope anyone here knows.

Tested it real quick because i was sure that only hits can trigger ‘kill threshold’.
I used Harvest (Melee Hit), Marrow Shards (Spell Hit) & Drain Life (DoT) as skills to test the Reaper passive node. All skills procced the 10% kill threshold and killed them immediately!
I also tested Bleed dots from Marrow Shards, the Bleed ticks didnt kill monsters with 10% life.


Thats great. Thx for the help :slight_smile:

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Additional info: Aura of Decay doesn’t work with Reaper passive, probably because the skill doesnt have the ‘spell’ tag even though its a DoT.

Aura Of Decay itself doesn’t do damage, that is why it doesn’t work.
It only applies an ailment. This is the same as:

Ailments applied by skills simply do not work with this.

Aura of Decay works only if you take the Acid Blob / Poison Spit nodes as they cause hits, this also triggers kill threshold and Mark for Death

Interaction is exactly the same with Wandering Spirits without the Poison ranged attack