Lich Mastery Passive (Increased damage per missing life) not working on fresh character

Detailed description:

Made an acolyte character a few days ago. Today i decided to actually level it beyond level 10, and made my way through to the end of time mastery selection area. Did the area, successfully chose Lich mastery, and was on my way. No issues. I then noticed my tooltip damage on all my skills hadnt changed after I chose my mastery, and even though i am on perpetually low life due to exsanguinous, my dps does not change at all. I made sure i had passives in Lich tree. I logged out and in. Relaunched client. None of this helped. Then tried unspeccing all passives, unequipping all gear, and still nothing. My dps, both on tooltip, in character sheet, and in practice versus the dummy, does not change when my health increases or decreases. I could be on 5% or full health and my dps is identical.

What were you doing at the time?

I just grabbed my mastery selection in the end of time quest. Nothing strange, other than i was wearing exsanguinous early - maybe my character permanently thinks low life is full life because i chose the mastery while on low life while wearing exsanguinous? just a guess.

How consistently does this happen?

No idea, I have no desire to reroll another acolyte and level through the first couple of chapters to the end of time again. Nobody in global chat had ever heard of this issue, or had any sort of advice beyond the basic diagnostic steps listed above.

Operating System:

Windows 10.

Diagnostic Files

Player.log (135.8 KB)

Player-prev.log (415.9 KB)

DxDiag.txt (91.9 KB)

It’s entirely possible the mastery bonus isn’t affecting the tooltip or character screen. Have you tried seeing what damage you do at low life v full life?

We’re tracking this issue internally, thanks for the report!

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If you read the post, I tested damage on various skills on the dummy at low vs full life, with gear, and without gear. Absolutely no change based on my life total.

also just to add, made another acolyte and levelled to end of time mastery selection again, this time remaining full life when selecting lich, and still dont get the damage bonus when i go to low life, at least on tooltip.

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