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Lich is kind of squishy on his own

I really love Hungering Soul’s homing skulls and enjoy using Wandering Souls to add more random damage. I try to play Lich with no minions.

I am not sure how well this Ward system works. I feel I am quite squishy in Arena. What’s this Ward VS Health. It says I can have 42 Ward. Does it only mean extra 42 Health when it’s triggered? I don’t feel it’s doing much at the moment.

I put 5 points into Wraith Bringer. It is quite useless. It lasts so short.

Can we make it so Defile auto targets nearby corpses instead of clicking over the corpses? It says Target Corpse. During Arena there’s so much !@#$ going on. It’s a bit hard to find corpse.

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Thanks for the feedback!

Ward is effectively additional health. You lose 10% of your current Ward per second. When your character takes damage, it is always applied to Ward before your ordinary health.

Balance isn’t currently a priority for us, just because of how much things will change prior to release. That said, we will soon be discussing a relatively small list of exceptions we work on in the short-term to improve the experience of playing the alpha.

In the future we will be moving away from skills which target individual corpses and focusing more on utilizing corpses in an area. (I actually thought Defile already worked that way.)

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Until I got to level 50 and get Health leeching. Now Lich is unstoppable almost. LOL

Hungering Soul is so much stronger than Rip Blood and Marrow Shard. Marrow Shard costs too much health and not enough damage. Rip Blood just not enough damage. The +health from Rip Blood is useless once Lich has lvl 50 leeching.

Ya, leech is need to survive atm, ward is just way too weak.

I was able to build a lich that had massive ward with mania of morality and unnatural retention. The only issue is it wasn’t very sustainable. Even with high ward retention + incoming dmg, it wasn’t enough to make it viable. Plus by going that route I sacrificed huge amounts of damage perks, which left my damage pretty low.

Think the highest at one point i hit was like 900 ward, but it depleted faster than hp.

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