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Lich invisible model + Ward on crit not working

So I finally started doing some Arena, and managed to spec into Darkguard for some sweet Ward on crit. I’m not sure if this has anything to do with the issue, but after the 3rd point in it, I noticed I wasn’t getting any Ward at all (mind you, I have at least 80% critical strike chance with Harvest). After playing for a couple more waves without no Ward gain, I got put into another Arena zone, where it was once again working.

Other thing is, while this was going on, after transforming back from Reaper one time, my character model disappeared completely. Even after changing instances. Reaper model appears if I transform, but I can’t get my basic Acolyte model back.

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Have / had both of issues too.
Ward on Crit isnt working at all. I have 1 point in it. And i had the lich-form bug once.
Not sure if life leech working with Harvest too.

The Reaperform bug should be working now in 0.7.0b, but Ward on Crit hasn’t been fixed yet. Thanks!

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