Lich - Bone Curse - Node Crimson Enlightenment

Hello everyone. Right now i am trying to make a Coagulation Build work. For this i am trying to use a combination of Illusion of Pain, Cursed Limbs and Crimson Enlightenment in Bone Curse. As I am understanding it it should work like this: Every Rip Blood, or any spell for that matter, will apply bone curse after bone curse has been cast. A spell hit will then both take off bone curse, causing a Rip Blood to be cast on target, and reapply bone curse again afterwards.

From observation this doesnt seem to be the case. Am I misunderstanding the Interaction or should it work as described above ?

I have also observed Rip Bloods cast from Bone Curse running out not adding to my Coagulate.

All of this matters as it would most likely substantially increase both survivability and dps on my build.

I understand that this is not of gamebreaking importance but I really want to make this work somehow :smiley: !

Thank you already!
Have a good one!

Note that Crimson Enlightenment’s alt text says:

Rip Blood cast this way cannot apply Bone Curse, even if you have the Cursed Limbs node.

Aaah Awesome. Typical case of me not reading thoroughly enough.

Thank you a lot! Then I gotta rethink a bit.

No. If you cast the spell, it applies bone curse first. If your minions (or other players) are the ones “consuming” bone curse however, then it will work as you desire.

I know that’s what it says, but that’s not quite how it works.