Liath's Tower bugged

Though I did get it to work finally…

When you go up floors; you’ll instantly teleport back to where you were. It seems to have something to do with hidden mobs (I noticed a couple birds flew in and instantly died (I didn’t kill them) - I’m playing a beastmaster with wolves and at one point I noticed them attacking something (but couldn’t see what it was…)

I finally got through it by simply going slow and making sure everything was dead before advancing to the next floor.

And for the love of all that’s holy: Please change the AFK timer - it’s WAY too short. (Go get a drink and then a bio, come back and you’re offline… - and why is it you’re “offline”, but you can see chat progressing - that suggests you weren’t kicked off (but are forced to click the ‘back to main’ or whatever…)

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the same happened to me just now
I went to town through portal and returned and a bunch of mobs appeared which weren’t loaded (apparently) before

Same here

It has something to do with pets. I was playing a golem necro and he kept porting me back down I think since it feels like he can initiate the zone switch also, and since he arrives behind you it ports you back down a level. So I got rid of him and the boots that give you vines, and it worked fine. Just put it all back once I got to the top floor. Try that.

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Thank you for the report! I was able to reproduce the bug by summoning a Bone Golem then trying to go up the tower


Not sure if you assume it’s Bone Golem only. I had the same thing happen with a spriggan summon.

I think he’s saying that he personally witnessed it using a bone golem. I mentioned in the OP that I was playing a beastmaster :slight_smile:

Not my point. If the developers think the bug only happens with bone golems, they might only fix it for bone golems (unless the fix generically works for all summons). I just wanted to call their attention to the bug happening with summons other than bone golems to prevent that.

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