Liath's Machinations vs Plasma Ball (Passive) for Fireball

Hi all, I’m currently playing offline with a plasma Runemaster, and so far it’s fun as hell. I love the spiritual successor to the Invoker from the early versions of DoTA when it was still in Warcraft 3. My “Fork-In-The-Road” question is… "Do I gain more from having one over the other going into the endgame?


The conversion effect is equivalent, so it depends whether you want to path in that direction if you didn’t have to (ie, frees up skill points) versus whether you have the gloves. The gloves do give quite a lot besides the conversion.

I agree. I’ve yet to complete the campaign, and I’m not sure how the 100% Ignite > Shock would work in the endgame, I don’t know if one is more effective than the other. But I suppose there’s one way to find out… and that’s to find out… XD


Ignite and shock are very different. Shock reduces the target’s lightning resist (and increases it’s chance to be stunned?) and is capped at 10 stacks while ignite does damage & is uncapped.