Liath battle is just annoying

I understand wanting to make battles challenging, but having to clear all the minor monsters on the way to her (restarting the area) every time you die is just nonsense and really kills the mood of a boss battle.
Especially, since, if you quit to take a break, next time you’ll have to go through the previous area with no waypoints - again, just because.

There’s a fine line between challenging and just irritating, and this battle is a text-book example of how to cross it… twice.

I am at this point in the story myself. Having fully cleared the room then die isn’t an issue. However, I am then ported outside the zone (by the zone in) and have to re-enter to a full respawn is not fun - especially when in all the other zones you only have to retrace part of your path back to the point where you were killed. Then dead mobs stay dead.

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