Liath and Thetima quest bugged - cannot access Isle of Storms (Lagon) area at all as SAF character

I originally skipped parts of the campaign while leveling this character. Afterwards I wanted to unlock all teleport waypoints for Campaign prophecies. Reaching the quest "“Liath and Thetima” it asks me to "“Speak with Yulia in Thetima.”. But while trying to advance the quest by talking to Yulia in Thetima, the game thinks I’ve already beaten Lagon, as I’ve already unlocked Soreth’Ka teleport and done all Chapter 9 areas and quests. So the quest is stuck and I have no way to gain access to Isle of Storms areas.

For unrestricted accounts this can be fixed by being teleported by a friend.

As a SAF account, I can’t have a friend teleporting me to the Isle of Storms area, so I have no way to access that area at all. That means I can’t complete the Campaign quest line or do a prophecy in the area. It’s not a deal breaker, but I feel like I wasted both time and CoF favor for nothing.


Im having the exact same issue, i beat the tree boss in act 7, went straight to the dungeon that takes you to act 9, im also playing SSF and also join CoF, now i cant get to the storm isle for prophecy in the area, quite frustrating since ive seen people reporting this issue since 2020.

I also have this issue. Played up to Oracle in campaign, Proceeded campaign skip by going straight into monos. Had issues later with prophecies because I didn’t have certain waypoints (Sanctum of Architects). Tried to replay the campaign to unlock said waypoints. Progression blocked in Thetmia - Can’t talk to Yulia to unlock portal to Isle of Lagon in Thetmia. Quest log stuck at “Speak with Yulia in Thetima.”

I’m having the same issue, anyone have a clue on this one?