LFG Interface - Being able to restrict to region

So, if Multiplayer has taught me anything, it’s that playing from Aus means you can only group up with people in US West and Oceania. Anything outside that is borderline unplayable for bosses/dungeons and infuriating in Echos

When you do design your “other way of finding groups”, please allow us to restrict it to players from certain regions. An idea as follows.

  1. Players OPT IN to whether they want people to join their party.

  2. In the LFG interface, other player can choose to join a certain mono timeline or dungeon and there is a little checkbox that says “Restrict to players in my region” or “Restrict to players in these regions” (and we can specify)

  3. The interface then finds a player willing to allow someone to join, within their region, and away we go.

For the devs.
I’m in Perth, Western Australia
Ping to Sydney players = 60 ms
Ping to Brisbane players = 60 ms - 90 ms
Ping to US West = 100 ms - 250ms
Ping to anything else = 300ms+