Levelling as Lich

Just some notes and observations as I level as a Lich (have Mage and Necro in the 30s) but they are fairly standard. Level 10 atm.

Main DPS is Hungering Souls, hits much harder than rip and worth losing out on some small values of health drain, I took Necrotic Pact->Isolation and working that circle (around Soul Drain), default spread is found clunky, easy to spam the single heavy hitters (Burizon Magic Arrow flashback :grin:)
Secondary DPS is Wandering Spirits, easy to drop at the start of a fight or as you reposition out of AoE as you can cast them on the move. Currently with Souls of rage and heading right that way for the ranged & poison options).
Non specialised triple skellies and Golem as temporary meat shields.

Thoughts and comments welcome.

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Sounds like a decent way to level. I spec’d my skellies to deal more damage, and I used blood golems to keep me alive. Wandering Spirits I thought was going to be weak at first, but quickly became a favorite of mine for pack clear. I’ll probably make another lich eventually in beta, and see if I can make a solid build. Gotta see what his new transformation does afterall :smiley:

I’ve been leveling my Aco -> Lich with:

Harvest: A melee attack that hits all enemies in an area in front of you, dealing double damage to those that are Marked for Death.

Rip Blood: Rips blood out of a target enemy dealing physical damage to it. An orb of the blood is drawn back to you, restoring 10 health when it reaches you.

Transplant: Creates a new body for you at the target location, then detonates your old body to deal physical damage to enemies around it. Instead of mana 13% of your current health is consumed to cast this spell.

Mark for Death: Marks enemies in a target area for death, causing them to take 30% increased damage for 8 seconds.

Soul Feast: Feasts on the souls of all enemies marked for death, dealing necrotic damage to them, and drawing a fragment of each of their souls back to you. The soul fragments each grant 5 ward when they reach you.

I use Rip Blood to regen health as needed, Transplant to reposition and travel faster, Mark for Death to debuff and Soul Feast to get a big chunk of Ward.

Typically I’ll get a good size mob going, Mark for Death + Soul Feast to get my Ward up, then Transplant in the pack and Harvest them down. Its super fun!


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