Leveling doesn't grant passive point in 0.9.1

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What went wrong?
leveled twice now since new patch 0.9.1. but zero passive points were granted. And they’re just gone. quitting to desktop and logging back in did nothing.
PoppaSan, level 97 shaman sc, us central, if that helps
Please help

oh and it’s an online char

Just leveled to 98. it works if I press P and go straight to passives… guessing it doesn’t work by clicking the +passive icon next to the potions on screen, cause that’s how i’ve been doing it earlier. Those passive points are still gone and not returned.

Just a guess, but they changed the quests a bit and that affected existing characters. Because of that you probably had 1 more point assigned than you should and that was compensated when you leveled up. However if you check your skills quests on the map they’re probably at 14/15 so you can do that quest to even out.

I think you’re right, i did notice that earlier, thanks.