Leveling character reverted back 20 levels and wiped all progression

I was leveling a online character, yesterday before I go to bed, it was at level 50 something. Today when I login, character level is at 35. Around 15 to 25 levels with the play time of 6 to 10 hours was wiped. It happend 2 days in a row now. Where is the announcements of rollbacks or data servers issue DEV posted ?? Thank you.

Unfortunately, due to multiple bug fixing, on an hourly bases rollbacks are possible. I wouldn’t say you are “lucky” but getting rolled backed from lvl 35-20 is not the worst thing that can happen. You can get a legendary craft rollbacked, which is far more painful.

Hey there, really sorry to hear you experienced this.

Server hotfix 0.9f2 addressed some causes of rollback but looks like there are some left. Mike posted on another thread that they are wprking through more causes of this at the moment

In the meantime, an EhG helper put this on the Discord. If you report your rollback, it will help them find more causes and fix them too


If you are experiencing any Log-in, Lag, Disconnect or Rollback issues please report this to our Support Team here : https://support.lastepoch.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

Pick ‘Technical Issues’ from the drop down and provide your:

  • Display Name
  • Character Name
  • Date & Time you noticed the loss (with your time zone or UTC)
  • What type of data was lost
  • How much gameplay time was lost

Thank you! <:Bee:889980256331628564>

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Thanks for that info. Well, that just frankly sucks and I know we’re in beta and sometimes shit hits the fan but, for me, there is nothing more soul sucking than unintended progression rollback/wipe. I’ll stick to offline for now, which is great. These days, it’s a privilege to even have an offline experience in an ARPG.

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Indeed, nobody wants this kind of thing happening.

Even in offline, my characters roll back to Level 1. This game is essentially unplayable currently.

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