Leveling build?

New to last epoch and it’s been amazing, but are there any recommended leveling builds/guides till endgame?

personally I don’t use guides so not sure how good these are but here’s a list of leveling guides

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Ty boss appreciate it

This cuts out some of the joy from the game though, in my opinion. If your build is too good, you’ll chew through the game really fast. You also don’t wanna know what you can do before you do it, because each ability and new talent tree node is a surprise.

I’d recommend leveling at least one character to level 70 without a guide to see if you prefer not using guides.

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Agree with this - I used a build for one of my characters and it was suuuper boring as I crushed everything.
You can easily go through the game the first time with your own experiementation - I think the quick levelling guides are best used for when you’re levelling up extra characters and just want them to hit end game quickly.


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