Level 90 monos, no hollow blades?

that seems strange.

no, it’s not my loot filter. i have a rule to find 2H swords and it IS finding 2H swords. but no hollow blades. not a one.

it’s item level 77, shouldn’t it be dropping ?

It should, it’s likely just rng. Uou could do a rule to recolour hollow blades.

I had one drop today, but didn’t realize its importance at the time. 90 mono is where it dropped for me.

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I forgot to mention that the loot filter tags 2H swords AND only specific sub-types of which hollow blade is one. there are 2 others and i am seeing them drop.

regardless, i think it’s RNG too. i seem to remember last time i leveled a VK solo, it seemed like hollow blades were very uncommon, and then they were really common.

i would expect that higher level items become more common as you push into higher level monos with corruption.

No, the only thing that happens is that they become available after you get to zone lvls matching (or lower than) the item level. The higher you get the larger the pool of possible bases that can drop.

So if i’m in a 95 mono the chances of a hollow blade droppinng are the same as a level 20 2H sword dropping ?

I’m not sure of the maths/weighting, but the lvl 90 mono can still drop that lvl 20 base with t6 affixes.

Well hell. something was wrong with my loot filter. and i’m not sure what. i found, just by luck, a hollow blade. tested out the loot filter and it took me a couple of minutes of fiddling with it to identify it.

must have been affix related.

so after i’ve tweaked it , a notice ANOTHER 2H sword that doesn’t get identified properly. SO I REMOVED THE AFFIX STUFF. Now it finds 2H swords of the appopriate subtype.

Time for a funny story. That hollow blade i found , noticed it just by luck.

Well it had a t4 flat melee void damage.

I did glyph of chaos on the other prefix and hit +% void damage on the T5 roll. LMAO.

AND, I still had enough FP to craft T5 shred armour and T5 frailty on hit.

all on the first one i found, and the loot filter didn’t even identify it.

you gotta stay sharp out there !


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Glad everything got sorted.