Level 9 wave 515 SSF character

Hey guys, I’d like to clear something up.
I was watching Lizard’s recent arena push VOD today, and after the ran ended Lizard went through the ladder, saw my level 9 wave 515 character and said I was a cheater.
What happened is this: My old PC would frequently crash the game, and after one of these crashes, my level 100, very well geared character got deleted.
I proceeded to open a new character with the same name, but I decided to give up on it and move on shortly after.
Apparently, deleting a character and opening a new one with the same name, will credit the new character with the ladder achievments of the old deleted character.
So no, I never cheated and never will. But I can understand why one would come to that conclusion. So Lizard if you see this, I love your stream and no hard feelings :slight_smile:


Well that makes it even better! Grats on your achievement! :smiley:

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Yeah, LE has issues with deleting characters & creating new ones with the same name. Wouldn’t surprise me if the ladder picked your new one up.

you play on HC? why your char was deleted?

Because they chose to delete it after it died.

oh, I see
Sigma guy

Nah I wish I was that cool lmao
The crash corrupted my save files and caused my character to disappear. It happens sometimes.

Entire ladder is a mess until 0.9, sadly.
Cheating, bugs, combinations of both. You can even push ghost characters…

The ladder is meanigless, and thats what i always tell people when they look at my stream. If you are legit, amazing stuff and apologies! People ask about this kind of stuff daily and its annoying to go over as 90%+ are clearly not bugs.

The community has other stuff to monitor fishy stuff btw
As you can see on this death tracker, your character has apparently never died (old or new).
Not a bug that I am awared off. If it is, my bad! :confused:
When you delete chartacters they are not fully deleted and some data stays in the files.

We have seen people claim crazy stuff before and use this kind of ladder stuff to showcase wave 34187140 on level 1 chars, etc. Unfortunatelly words are just words, but everyone will have a chance to show what they can do at 0.9!

Looking forward to see everyones pushes.

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My old character died plenty, this death counter definitely refers to the new character only.
I agree the ladder is meaningless now but it was still an important thing for me to clear up because it’s a small community and I see myself playing this game long term, so I don’t want the thought of me being a cheater sitting in the back of people’s minds moving forward.

Excited to jump back into the game in full force and try again in 0.9 :slight_smile:


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