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Level 70 Gear question for you guys

Love LE! I’m a level 70 Void Knight (lots of fun). I use Erasing strike, Void cleave and Sigils of hope. Main stats I’m looking for on gear are Crit Strike mult, Void damage, Melee damage and Strength. Here is my issue: A lot of my gear is old lower level stuff but with stats I need. I’m not far into Monolith and I’ve gotten maybe 20 Purple drops and not one of them is better than my low level gear (which I haven’t even played with in forge so lower tier also). Probably 95% of the drops are caster stuff.

Should I just try to upgrade my lower level stuff or continue to plug through Monolith in hopes I get some upgrades to drop?

Thanks in advance!

Hey there!
You propably have advanced your currently used gear by playing through the story and crafting on it step by step.

The transition from this gear to the higher bases can be a bit more difficult at first.

It’s very unlikely you find a piece of gear that drops with instantly better stats in a higher base than your current gear.

But it’s important for your progression that you switch to the higher level bases. Your char will benefit from the implicit stats that are more powerful than the lower level ones.

What I usually do is that I set my lootfilter to the exact bases I want. In addition I also filter for my desired affixes on these bases and I only want to see items that have at least 2 of these affixes.

The rest is crafting. You will find items with 2 good stats you want to max, 1 stat that is not mandatory, but also not crap and a crap stat that you want to chaos to turn it to something at least not crap.

This works the best with purple items (I think you mean exalted items, right?) as they have the most forging potential. But at higher level, yellow items that drop will also have higher FP.

You might not be successful with the first crafting attempts. But if you setup your lootfilter properly you will have a reliable source of items to craft on.

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As Raw said, you have reached the point where crafting will be more valuable to you than hoping for a drop with improved stats…

Key things to summarise what Raw said…

  • Get to understand how to use the lootfilter to focus on both items for potential upgrade AND more importantly, items for crafting on - things like the right bases, items that drop with affixes you are looking for AND items that drop with higher tier affixes
  • Mess around with crafting so that you understand the pitfalls and how each of the Runes/Glyphs work…
  • As you get higher in level and further into end-game you will realise that you have to aim higher with your crafting attempts… For now, aiming for crafting T15 items would probably be an upgrade, but eventually you will need to start aiming for T20 items if you really want to push a build. The simplest way to get higher tier items in crafting is to start with higher tier bases - its really easy to get to T15 if you start crafts on T10 items…
  • Unless they are really crap affix rolls, keep exalted items - they may not be useful for this build, but might be for another AND you use exalted items to make Legendaries later… and Exalted items are high FP so you can test out your crafting on them and may even luck out and make something better.
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