Let's talk about the things everyone is afraid to talk about

Without going into detail about game data. I did see that we are not supposed to datamine. I also will not mention anything about topics on editing. As vague as I can put it. Is there a developer or someone I can talk with to talk about the future of LE; when it comes to user “interaction” with the data “provided by” the game? If someone can hear my hint and possibly respond I’d like to go into detail about a number of different topics. These topics would obviously not be posted locally. I have some ideas and yes, they go far beyond what you have in the works in the future. It’s really difficult to write a post like this without talking to a developer or an engineer. I’m trying my best to keep this post as vanilla and rudimentary as possible.

Is anyone from your team able to allocate a little time to chat?

Is it this easy to get a dev’s ear? Hmm…

Easy? Not easy. I re-wrote that post several times while reading the ToS and as many posts as I could on the many fragmented topic-related posts on each subject I mentioned. It’s not easy to say: “Hey. Devs. Look. I’ve been programming for 20 years. Read this real quick and answer a couple questions. Also. I may or may not(?) have already been programming something that you might (or might not?) like? It’s all up in the air. 30 minutes of your time will quickly clear this up.”

I’m trying to keep things above board… however, some questions do need to be answered and they’re oddly specific.

Good luck! No idea if this works, but if it does I’ll be giddy. Would love to know your questions, but if you wish to keep them veiled sans a Dev, alrighty.

The devs have said that they intend to release some APIs to allow third party sites to do “stuff”. What those APIs will be, when they will be available and what they will enable they have not said but I’d assume it would be to allow the likes of lastepochtools.com and lastepoch.tunklab.com to function along with providing access to character data for the online characters. @EHG_Kain is probably a good place to start.

It’s actually super easy to start a private conversation with the appropriate people. Just send a support ticket request. https://support.lastepoch.com/hc/en-us/requests/new


Spoil sport. You just don’t want me pinging Kain and giving him more pointless busy work acting as a go-between super important work.

Quick question. If I give you a full rundown with screenshots and technical information. Am I going to get banned? Everyone in the LE Discord that I’ve talked to is telling me that all the stuff I found can get me banned. I’m just trying to report the stuff that I’ve found.

I’m cautious to suggest a carte blanche answer here but from what I think you’re talking about, I would be extremely surprised if we would ban someone for what sounds like essentially a private bug report. We have had people come to us with things like free game exploits in the past (which have been fixed) and we didn’t do anything to their accounts or ban them. Punishing people for helping us plug the holes doesn’t make sense to me at all.

It sounds like you’ve read the CoC pretty thoroughly already but from the sounds of it, the bad thing would be to post it all publicly on our forums.

As a general note, a lot of stuff is changing in how we do networking in general next patch so it’s possible that some of these thins are not applicable. It’s really hard to say without knowing what it is though.


How does one go about directly transferring my knowledgebase to your hands without using these forums, a general email for “tech support” or be being bored one day and just making a massive git repo with all of my findings? I’d rather just hand everything over to you guys, the reason why I’ve made such a wave today/this evening is for that reason. I know there are changes coming up. I’ll be sure to stay up to date with that.

Personal note: I really enjoy and genuinely love this game. I’d like to contribute to the best of my abilities because of that. If there’s something I can do as an anonymous source of information to help in any way possible, I’d like to provide assistance or direction. I don’t want clout or recognition. I just really like this game and I enjoy the product your team / company provides. So in respect I ask, who’s inbox needs to be greased with some crazy tech lingo, with screenshots and some video with maybe a few “f bombs” here and there?

Well shit, if its like that, hit my email up lol. I can handle F bombs :smiley:

That would be the email to support.

I don’t know, if you reverse engineered some stuff, and you want to point out very technical stuff, maybe try to contact a developer in their discord and send the discovered info by eMail directly?

Our support email is the best place to send information. Depending on what it is you want to share, it would need the attention of different devs, and that’s something we would want to handle internally. Trying to contact a specific dev is unlikely to result in it landing in the right hands needing them to read through it and understand who it actually needs to go to pulling them away from what they’re working on.

This is the kind of thing support exists for, getting the right information to the right places while causing as little disruption to people’s work as possible. As Mike previously mentioned, banning people for privately reporting things to us to be fixed generally doesn’t make a lot of sense, so I wouldn’t be concerned about that. And as far as "a few ‘f’ bombs’ in the videos, we’re all adults. As long as what you’re saying isn’t illegal, it may not be ‘pleasant’ to listen to, but we’re not going to suddenly go into hulk mode because we heard someone swear.

So the best contact would be support@eleventhhour.games, or by using the ticket system here: https://support.lastepoch.com


Thank you for all the info! I sent over the first support ticket last night / this morning. It highlights some bullet points. It shows some things that I’ll dive into.

Sometime later I’ll send over source code for examples of some things I’ve found. My wife and I are doing some baby stuff shopping this weekend so I’ll be a bit tied up with that. From this point forward I’ll keep anything like this stuff in support tickets or emails.

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