Lets talk about Blessings

A subject I havent seen so much appear yet

We can all agree than this idea of empowering your character for good is important and satisfying.

But the actual modifiers doesn’t feel that way at all in my opinion. I just cant see how after struggling to kill a boss on multiple try, getting +% of loot or gold make in confident enough to face the future challenging than the game have to offer.

So, I just beaten the lvl 75 timeline after few try, challenging, had to look closely at my gear, resistances, my skills in detail etc
It wasn’t easy but very satisfying once I got him, I just gotten a list of blessing who should make me feel more powerful for the future challenging I will face. But it wasn’t the case at all.

Blessing should be empower your character and make it feel like good jump forward, I’m struggling with one timeline, I beat it, but my character doesn’t feel like progress, I don’t see how having more xp or 50% drop one hand weapon will help me in the future, especially when I have a end game unique weapon for my build.

In my opinion, the first tier blessing are hot garbage, lets say it. and the end tiers are Quality of Life (crit avoidance, mana pool) or a bit more damage (more crit, more fire damage etc) I dont feel like this is enough. I reckon those should be trivialize in the game in general, more passive point, affix higher in gear etc… The paladin tree have all those things in the passive tree, I do think all classes should have more choices like that in general

My solution would be:

Skills empowerment

We have 5 skills, so the pool of blessing will pick one of those skills, empowerment would be something like

Ring of shield add one more shield in the rotation
Aura of decay reduce damage overtime taken
Death seal last 1 more second
Your minion have more leech
Sweep have increased attack speed

You name it, I know it seems like a lot of work to balance and implementation but all the passives are already there and this would really look like a meaningful choices, builds diversity, empowerment of your character progression overall, and make you feel like you are on good path to take out the future challenges


I have to disagree a bit with blessings not feeling important or satisfying.

The CSA blessing can go up to 55%. The new t7 CSA can roll 50%. This means with the blessing and 1 good affix, I do not need 3 affixes to get 100% CSA, thereby giving me 2 affix slots to play with for health, dodge, resists etc. I rolled 41% and this has given me the opportunity to swap out a CSA item for one without it.

The extra 64% chance to ignite I took puts me over 300% with Eye of Reen and passive points so I don’t need to look for more on an item right now, thereby releasing another affix slot for me.

I took increased cold damage (35%) as cold is my primary damage and that gives me the option of either using a damage affix slot for even more damage or something else … and it also gives me the option to review my passives where I have used 5 points to add 35% cold damage … if I’m happy with my damage output, could I use those points somewhere else - defense maybe?

I agree about gold and item drop bonuses, they seem a little lackluster - but I’m sure they’ll play out in the long run.

Yes well, this is one blessing out of 7 of them, and one the better ones, thank god its good, but for me getting one T6-T7 passives affix don’t make it more satisfying in my opinion its just like getting few extra passive point or just another affix on a piece of gear. it is still something to take on of course but for a new empowerment system I feel it is a bit poor.

My general point there, is I would prefer than blessing play a more active role in the game, not another passive affix - but I’m sure, probably asking to much right now

But anyway, end game passives are of course good enough, the firsts one need some review to get the feeling than you character get stronger.


You basically want them to give you an extra ability talent point which for some skills is way too much and for others is pretty much worthless. They have to be semi-generic as otherwise they will be absolutely gamebusting and more importantly, have to be tailored for each class. That is a LOT of dev time for something that is only gotten in the end game. I just don’t see it happening.

who cares how powerful your character become, than the essence of this type of game, create more build diversity, theory crafting etc… they just have to adjust difficulty eventually.

I don’t see it happening (for now) ether, because it a lot of work but I really hope this type of character progression will come one day

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I would be happy to trade my first born for a few extra passive points or an affix slot or two. I’ll even arrange shipping.

Don’t disregard something that makes it easier to gear a character though, that is not a small thing.

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Not wanting to be picky, but it’s 3 out of 7, not 1.

And each blessing altered my gameplay a bit as I described.

I think you’re missing the point - blessings DO play a very active role in the game.

Items, skills and passives all interact with each other and now blessings can help you decide which items, skills and passives to use by giving you extra boosts.

The Crit strike avoidance blessings rules!!.. I lucked out and max rolled it. That’s a HUGE perk even if u roll 30%.

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Sorry you don’t think balance matters. I am glad you are not in charge of the game.

I took the extra gold and it has helped nicely in buying more stash tabs. :smiley:

Well that’s seems a bit like a extreme answer, that’s feedback and suggestion topics my man, I’m not a developer by any mean, I just think if they want to introduce powerful change it the good time to do it now not when the game will be release

The devs care how strong your character is. Some of the bonuses are already extremely powerful. Just because they don’t make the visuals explode more doesn’t mean you didn’t get a lot of power. Glancing blows is one of the most powerful things in the game right now but you can’t see it. Same thing.

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Well I said that out of the blue, of course there is some cap threshold of character power at some level - what a meant in the first place was if there is OP items or mechanic introduction that’s no a big deal at first. Those games work by adding items or systems -> small internal testing -> players testing -> balance. Especially LE with is early access where they really counting on us for the feedback
when I said ‘‘who cares’’ I really meant at the implementation, not on the long run, players always will find loophole and overcome the general idea of the devs, the balancing come after.

Anyway, it seems that most of yo guys are happy enough with the blessing system, I respect taht and I’m sorry if want the end game character customization to be more ambitious.

I’ve play a lot of Last Epoch - 400 hours, more than some less than others, I do feel like I can give a general feedback of what a found fun and what is not.

I play quite a bit of 7.9 since its introduction, level up 4 different character from 65 to 80, and all I can see is when I arrive to this threshold I have enough of playing my build - mainly because 5 skills feel limited and spamming those 5 for hours and hours I get burnout pretty quickly. LE do some stuff very well, one of them is replay-ability - level up new character and trying different build - what is not quite there yet, is the grinding of one unique character. no big deal we still have a lot of time in front of us and again my opinion.

That is why and not impress by the high tier blessing, they do not motivate me at all to keep going, even one of my character. What I would really enjoy is a expansion of the active build on a long run.

I reckon than high tier blessing should be the low tier, and high tier should something more exiting to look forward too.

I really though 7.9 would keep me on for ever but I’m one of them who think this patch is not that great overhaul, map and bosses are amazing, the main system itself (echoes and quests), not so much. I’m already near the end unfortunately, I love this game so much, I want it to succeed, and that’s why I taking some time to give my personal experience. But I’ll be back as always, for the next patch


That’s a lot more fair of an assessment and shows that using more accurate words to make a point goes a long way. I still disagree that it isn’t adding power but your point is a lot more cogent.

The point of an arpg past the campaign is and always will be grinding though. So getting passives that help your grind are going to be more fun. Sounds like you enjoy the mid-game more where you are getting new skills or new talent points. Nothing wrong with that, but you can’t keep getting them forever otherwise content won’t be able to keep up.

I struggling to make my point sometimes cause its not my first language or don’t spend enough time to think how to build or explain my sentences or I’m not just simply not good at it

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My only gripe with blessing is that I find that there are too many drop or economic blessing given and they are too underwhelming.
I cleared the level 55/62/75 and only getting 3 of those kind just doesn’t gives me a feel of progression for my character. It’s not giving me powerboost just drop increase.
I do concur that the rune drop has had a significant impact on my “economy” if I could use this term (now I don’t know what to do with all those runes!) but the rest, meh.

Problem is and it has been pointed out on other topics, as long as low level base items still drop in high level MoF, what is the point of getting drop enpowerement ? I’m just going to loot X% more of trash items. Remove the low level base item and then I will feel the impact of those blessings (even if there are really rare cases where the low level base could be more interesting).

Long story short, having to clear half the MoF only to start having some interesting blessing are kind of a bummer right now.

Additional question : If I do a level I already cleared, will I be able to replace my current blessing ? Or is it fixed for good ?

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I believe that they said that specific monoliths give “economic” blessings and specific monoliths give “power” blessings, so you’ll only get blessings of one type from a monolith/timeline quest thing.

I believe you can change the blessing you got from a monolith/timeline by re-running it and choosing a different blessing.

Yes I noticed that very quickly, the « left » side or lower level timelines don’t add significant or any character boost.

I’m doing only or almost the « right » side at the moment

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