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Let's facetank them all! Giant Volatile Zombie Build, 0.8.2 I , Necromancer, LE

Boss fight with the shade of the orobyss, the old setup

monolith performance, the new setup

(you won’t get as much ward as presented in the first video, if you don’t have the equal casting speed, a fixed high-health target, as many as T6 minion health prefixes as I do, and plus I removed 1 point from necromantic fever to get more damage, which can be retroverted for more survivability.)

Volatile Zombies have been the most popular go-for skill for necromancer minions since its release. But most time it’s an add-on or support to other minions. And my build puts it under the spotlight. Look at the giants!

Fact, this build can facetank everything in the normal process of the game as long as you don’t loose your ward.

  1. gear-budget
  2. friendly
  3. fun
  4. powerful

I am gonna put it as short as possible. It’s not quite comprehensive but the choices to make it right are crucial. The giant zombies suck too much mana to be able to continuously explode, which in fact killed people’s interest to go further. But with the proper setup of the combination of lifedrinker and skeletons, it can turn out to be invincible.

As long as mana problem solved out, everything else is just a natural thing.

Gear choices:

  1. Mostly: minion damage , minion health.
  2. helmet&torso: minion crit, zombie prefixes
  3. idols: zombie prefixes, minion fire damage, minion crit chance

Skill choices:

  1. volatile zombies
  2. summon skeleton
  3. skeleton mage
  4. lifedrinker
  5. dreadshade
  6. transplant -optional

Passive choices:

  1. minion damage
  2. minion health
  3. minion crit
  4. ward
  5. minion base damage

What I have to point out particularly is my willingness goes to dread shade for its casting speed aura as the fifth skill choice, which will enable you to summon the most zombies in a given time.
However the setup with transplant is equally good for its mobility, minion damage boost, and more minions in the field.

Second thing is I prefer melee skeletons other than archers. Archers are more scattered than warriors in battles, harder to drain mana from.

What you need to keep an eye on is that you have to judge where your minions go next so that lifedrinker can be placed in the right location. If you misjudge, you could loose your ward and end up in critical situations.

But as long as you have your ward, nothing can kill you because “giant zombies” will transfer into tons of that in a very short time.

Dammitt’s planner shortlink: update times: 3


Necromancer, Level 100 (LE Beta 0.8.2i) - Last Epoch Build Planner two-handed staff setup
Necromancer, Level 100 (LE Beta 0.8.2i) - Last Epoch Build Planner scepter setup
Necromancer, Level 100 (LE Beta 0.8.2i) - Last Epoch Build Planner setup with transplant
Necromancer, Level 100 (LE Beta 0.8.2i) - Last Epoch Build Planner crit avoidance setup, not necessarily
Thank you, dammitt, I’ve been using your build tool since days of GD.

I am gonna wrap up here, what you see in the video is lvl 91’s performance. It get even better!

So please enjoy, guys!

@Llama8 new thread is here…

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i need some help to insert the ytb video… how to do it right? :rofl:

Just take the link for the video & paste it onto a blank line. Ideally with a blank line before & after it.

Edit: though it doesn’t like embedding a video within [ details] [ /details] tags. But you can use < details> < /details> tags instead (without the spaces).

Edit #2: Just use the following code:

Header text here

thanks … I got it figured out; it has to be the shortlink, rather than the normal length link…

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The only thing I’d say is that if you want to put an embedded video within a [ details] collapsable thing, you’d need to use the < details> code I put in the post above, otherwise it just displays a link rather than properly embedded.

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thanks bro!! it’s fixed now…

Looks pretty awesome, definitely gonna give it a go, though I’d love a video of the clearspeed in monoliths. Thanks mate!

From where i am at. Uploading a video to youtube seems taking forever.

Switch dreadshade to transplant to gain mobility.
Then it is just as fast as other good builds in monolith.

It cannot affort to loose mana in heated battles . So skill rotation does the trick.

You have 1 point in Fire Arrow on your Skele Warrior tree, fyi.

:rofl: I was running tests, but forgot to remove it before I post it…
thanks for the reminder…

hi just updated a video to show how it clears the monolith :wink: