Lethal Mirage doesn't always crit while I'm inside the Fighting Arena created by Dancing Strikes while using Gladiator's Oath

First of all, I’m playing Rogue and specifically Bladedancer. I am using Gladiator’s Oath (Unique Sword) and the Graceful Arena node of Dancing Strikes’ skill tree to create an arena, inside of which I have +100% crit chance (flat that is, not increased. So it brings me to 158% overall along with the rest of my build), 100% increased damage and -20% damage taken. I’m using Lethal Mirage as my main damage skill. I first created the character and tried the build out some time ago and as far as I recall it actually did crit 100% of the time. I remember trying to figure out whether a mirage moving outside the arena to strike an enemy would still have +100% crit chance. It did. So the game took a look at my stats at the time I pressed the Lethal Mirage key. Now, however, I’m doing empowered monoliths and I only rarely crit. Still inside the arena with the same stats and without any modifiers for my enemies to have crit avoidance.

Build: Bladedancer, Level 89 (LE Beta 0.9.1) - Last Epoch Build Planner

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