Lethal Mirage - A Gloomy End not procing

Hi, so I have been played a Shadow/Shadow Cascade focused build and this talent for Lethal Mirage seems right up the alley for what I am looking for. Since I have had the talent I never have seen it proc, even with all 3 points into it. 9% is fairly low, so I even went and tested on a dummy and after sitting there for a few minutes I still never saw the Shadow Cascade’s cast by the mirage’s from the skill.

Its possible its just a visual bug, its hard to read all the numbers when it goes as fast as it does, so can’t say for sure. It is for sure not clear that it is happening at all though.

Can confirm and was about to post this bug as well. My Blademaster is lvl 62 and not once I have seen this proc. I also specced into 4 more Shadows and 3/3 ‘‘A Gloomy End’’. And my Shadow Cascade hits like a truck - almost sure this is not a visual bug.

Same deal for me, and I was wondering if it was because I converted my Shadow Cascade into a pure throwing attack and maybe it can only proc the melee version.

Gloom and Doom also doesn’t proc, I can only ever generate a single shadow with the skill from Pact of the Desert. These two issues are really killing the ability on my throwing damage build, where I mostly just wanted it for more shadow generation and extra Shadow Cascade procs, since my melee damage sucks.

This has been fixed internally. Thanks for the report!

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