Let us to sell purchased items

Any plans to sell purchased items? I lost 15 million gold and a week of time to upgrade the item to a legendary one that will now be worth a lot and I can’t sell it because I bought it at the bazaar? this is very sad.

No, and they never will, and that’s good. Items need to be circulated out of the market, so that it remains healthy.


Dev’s have consistently stated they are very opposed to any type of resale.


If they added that we would have item flipping like in PoE instantly.


Imagine people not playing game but only scalping the market, buying low selling high, what a ridiculuous idea


they can always give a cooldown and a condition that the item cannot have the same affixes as when purchased.

Reselling items will probably never happen and that is a good thing. EHG doesn’t want players using trade as an endgame mechanic, like in PoE where many players spend the whole league just trading and barely playing.

This is also something many players want (including me) since all the toxic traits of PoE trade come from the fact that you can resell, like price fixing and sniping, as well as scamming.


Players should decide how they want to spend their time in the game, taking away their choice is not the best solution.

This is just not true. Some options are clearly detrimental to the game and to the players LE is aiming for. This is one of them. If you allow reselling, you’ll get even more RMTers and bots, much like you do in PoE. You’ll get a toxic market like in PoE, driving away many players from LE.

If you want to play the market as an endgame activity, you can play PoE. If you want to play the game and use the market simply as a vendor shop, you can play LE.


Couldn’t agree more - for some, trading IS the game and where the fun is at

That’s fine. Like I said, you can play PoE for that. There are other ARPGs out there that let you do that as well. LE isn’t one of them. LE wants you to play the game, not the market. It’s aimed at players that feel the same way. Not every game is for every type of player.
If it really bothers you that much, LE isn’t the game for you, which is fine.


Too bad. This is a game about killing monsters and getting loot. If what you want to do is play a trading simulator, buy a game that’s a trading simulator and play that.

The door for Trade Lords is over there, you make the trading experience worse for everyone else and won’t be missed.

Play Path of Exile for a league and interact with the market and tell me how you feel afterwards

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No, you can take your market flipping nonsense and or rmt crap to another game.


I love playing poe and tryharding, don’t get me wrong, I’m not talking about a trading simulator, I’m just creating a character based on the market, over time these items have to be changed and at the same time you can earn money for new ones. is it wrong?

I think how it works now its pretty good. It will make you learn spend money only for that items you really need and care about them. You will remember them more and it will feel like its something special.

The same its with my iphone i bought last time…i not gonna resell that only because i can. I will keep it with me until China will not tell everyone when i go on toilet.

What you’re asking for is inherently the trading simulator.

If you can resell any item, then buying even something as simple as +1% attack speed is worth it, because it won’t lose value, right?

That means people aren’t effectively buying items, they are buying upgrades.
Because if you can sell your old weapon for 19mil, a 20mil weapon is only worth 1mil to you, but 20mil to a new player. In essence, the entire Trade community farms so the richest player gets all the best gear, the second richest gets the second best, … all the way down to the new player getting whatever leftovers exist.

By removing gear after trade from that “community pool”, EHG makes sure that a) you are effectively paying the same gold as a new character, so while they earn less gold/hour, they are more inclined to buy it., and b) inflation stays limited, as gear may go into the market, it also leaves it at a slightly lower rate. That second part means that a perfect exalt might be out of your budget, but worth it to a player that started the cycle a week late. It closes the Leaderboard gaps, and makes investments a choice, rather than “even a 1% upgrade is an upgrade, because no money lost in the long run”


Your arguments make a lot of sense, thanks for helping me understand why ehg they did it that way. :slight_smile:


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