Let totems proc Eternal Storm, or have all totems granted Eternal Storm buff on proc

Currently, Eternal Storm only procs if the player kills a frozen enemy and it only affects a single totem. With the current class mechanics in terms of Thorn Totems, summon on hit idol affixes to be able to maintain mana generation, and an already very specific trigger (killing a frozen enemy), it makes the the buff extremely inconsistent to maintain effectively. Particularly if you are utilizing Thorn Totems with Grove Mind.

This also works against both totem gameplay and the player as it becomes a race against your own skills on who can kill a frozen enemy first. Even if you win that race, it’s only for a single totem. While large AoE skills like Avalanche can help, it still is extremely difficult to maintain consistent Eternal Storm buffs outside of 1-2 totems. Because of this, it disincentives players from trying to play a primary Primalist damage type, cold, with Shaman’s primary mechanic, totems.

Why attempt to do all this work and race against my own thorn totems for a good buff on only 40% of them at a time when I can just go armor shred and have them consistently apply armor shred instead? Especially if the Summon on Hit idol affix is being used for added mana generation.

I would love to see a change on the Eternal Storm passive as it would incentivize players to actively use thorn totems with a 100-200% damage buff and increase build diversity among totem builds as well as provide a more consistent gameplay experience than what is currently offered around that passive.

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