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Let some of warpath's while spinning nodes work for 1-2 seconds after you stop spinning

I’m specifically looking at Path of Heavens in conjunction with something like Ravaging Aura. I would love to be able to void cleave, get ravaging aura up, then start spinning and have the global spell damage increase work on aura. As it is, due to snapshotting, it only works for smite or instant cast spells.

If you allow the node to continue for 1-2 seconds after you stop spinning, it would allow for something like this. At 1-2 seconds, hopefully it would be too short to be abusable

The modifier on Path Of Heavens is so high, because it does have the restriction of only affecting things, that you can passively trigger while spinning.

250% increased damage is a lot, even for some endgame builds.

Maybe there could be a follow up nodes, making it weaker, but let the affect linger for 1-2 seconds.

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