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Lessons learned- My time streaming LE

A while ago I decided to stream Last Epoch on Twitch, I was never a very popular streamer as my viewer count rarely rose above 5 or 6 viewers, but I had a had a passion for this game that few games had triggered in me and I wanted to share that with others, while also possibly meeting some new friends online as I am in a new city and have had a hard time connecting with others. Things went well for a while until one day while streaming I noticed others dropping into the stream and leaving comments that lets say were not very nice. Well turned out that somehow I had bots attached to my account that were spamming the game chat. That was the last time I ever streamed this game and I honestly put the game on hold for a while as I hadn’t ever really experienced anything like the attacks I had received that day. So this week as I decided to return to the game I wanted to reflect back on my time streaming and share the lessons I learned with anyone who may want to stream in the future, this or any game.

  1. Do your research- I thought I had everything figured out. I spent sometime reading on how to stream, downloaded what I needed to get started, checked to make sure I had the right equipment, and I was good to go. But the bots… a little bit of research would have told me that this was something that happens. Looking back on my video’s views, I can not even be sure how many of them are real, and how many are bots.
  2. Have thick skin- Not everyone is going to like your content or your opinions, make your community guidelines clear for how your want your community to act and be prepared for some general trollage, as that is what the internet is basically for.
  3. Connect with other streamers- in my situation it was nice to be able to share my experience with other LE streamers and have somewhat of a support system, streamers in a small community like this one can become like a family, take advantage of it.
  4. Streaming is not for everyone- The biggest lesson I think I took away from this experience is that, getting in front of a camera and sharing your thoughts and feelings with others may not be for everyone, that doesn’t mean I should let that ruin my experience with a great game.

In conclusion I am excited to be back playing this game and apart of this community. Thanks everyone and hope to see you guys in chat.


Bots are a plague but as long as YOU have fun keep the stream rolling ;).


. I am fairly new to streaming myself. Have seem good and bad responses. (Do not use Mic or cam…yet) Just got to ignore the rude ones and keep playing what you like. I will probably stop streaming PoE do to my friends not wanting to play because it is not a new player friendly game as much as LE and when Multi comes out here seems like a good time to continue my stream journey.

Keep at it! I admire your determination and drive. Find something you like and go for it. We all have it in ourselves it’s just finding that thing we like. I could never be a streamer, I don’t like people. :smiley:


Ha if I had more people like you guys in the streams I might not have stopped. Thanks for the kind words!