Less damage from a sceptre vs wand(sceptre has better stats)

Hello, I am am playing a cold damage shaman and I have two weapons, a wand and a sceptre. The sceptre has better stats, but gives me 4.3k less tooltip damage. Need some help figuring out what I am missing. The only weapon enhancing thing I have points in is Elder Branch for my axe.

Weapon Comparison
Wand Avalanche DPS
Sceptre Avalanche DPS

EDIT: My build

Could you upload your build to the build planner so we can see the rest of it? I can’t think of anything that would cause the wand to be giving you more dps on Avalanche than the sceptre, though it would be close since the sceptre only has +2 adaptive spell damage & +8% increased damage compared to the wand.

The only thing I can think of is that the tooltip is taking into account the lower cost from the wand which means you can cast it more frequently.

I’d wager its the 11% cast speed. Darn Formula doesnt understand CD :stuck_out_tongue:

When flurry is channeled, the attack rate is still affected by attack speed. Could it be that the cast rate of a channeled spell is affected by cast speed?

Edited with my build. Didn’t know I could just upload it.

I was thinking it was a combination of the cast speed/-mana to spells, and wasn’t being accurate? either way it doesn’t feel nice to lose that much dps

No, the devs have said they don’t.

Edit: Boardman’s probably right. The “increase” in DPS is 8% which isn’t far off the 11% cast speed you’re getting from the wand, given the wand has slightly lower increased damage & adaptive damage.

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