Legion bug (?) - Infernal Shade

My interpretation of Legion would be if I cast Infernal Shade instead of it casting 1 at a time it will cast 2-3 at a time (when there is near by enemies). Every time I cast it only casts 1 even if near other monsters.

Are they being cast on top of each other?

I honestly can’t tell. I tested it multiple times never showed two-three shades to pop up.

It works sometimes and sometimes you just end up replacing the first shade multiple times resulting in 1 shade.

I tested it a lot with dense packs, it could never get it to cast twice let alone three in one go.

That is quite unlucky then but even though “It works” I find it quite annoying that it can replace the first/second shade and you end up with just 1.

That’s how I assume it should work like. You cast once & get 2-3 shades on the same spot that then attach to different mobs (where available).

Same. If it’s inconsistent in giving you multiple shades with enemies hugging the target you set it on, I would say it’s not working properly. I have a thought it might be zone related if FOE was able to actually get it to work for him. I was testing Legion in Maj’elkan Catacombs on spider packs. Maybe that terrain or particular enemy types have something to do with it not procing correctly.

We’ll look into this further. Thanks!

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