Legendary potential issue sort of

I find it impossible to get many of those unique with legendary potential.
Im trying to get Drelkors compass.
The problem is its only one source the special nodes on outcast timeline. And those only drop one item, and this is one bow out of many + arrows. I have been target farming it 30 attempts so far and havent even got the right bow drop yet.
I think this system need to change since its not a good way to get those items.
Or make a dungeon where you can make legendary potential on an item or something. This way we have now i just bad i get a lot legendary potential drops on low level uniques.
I think the chances should be about even to get them all. You swim in a few items with 3 to 4 potential, but you need to target farm specific items, wich only drop one item at a time out of many.
On top of you need to find the nodes first. This is an annoying and frustrated way to try get it. I have many exalted bow in chest, but no decent way to get the unique bow.
I think when you enter 100+ corruption, or even 200, then some lower level items should not drop from that source anymore, so there are a higher chance on getting those high level items. I get Arrowguard almost everytime I do a 100 corruption node. Maybe im to low corruption. But lets say at 200 corruption i will not get the arrow drop anymore.
One way or another this way these drops needs some kind of rework.

There are 9 bows/quivers that are classified as “common” (ie, zero reroll chance) out of 12 & Drelkor’s Compass is one of those 9. I know it’s frustrating not being able to get the item you want with some LP, but they are supposed to be chase items.

A problem with having some lower level uniques being removed from the drop pool based on corruption is that some of them are good for endgame builds (Dragonsong springs to mind, that’s lvl 36).

Higher corruption as well as going further out from the centre will increase the chance for the unique/set XXX reward nodes being spawned.


Not really, because:

High power Legendaries are made to be a long term character maximization goal. They are not a foregone conclusion. If you’re treating them as items you need to have, or should be guaranteed to get, then you’re going to be disappointed, and the only problem was your expectations.

Drelkor’s Compass is a random drop Unique item. You can do a few things to improve your odds of this item dropping:

  • get the Grand Winds of Fortune blessing from the Fall of the Outcasts timeline, which grants “(16-22)% Increased Unique Drop Rate”.
  • get the Grand Vigilance of the Damned blessing from the Blood, Frost, and Death timeline, which grants “(50-75)% Increased Bow Drop Rate”. These blessings result in more items of that type dropping while not reducing the drop rates of any other item types.
  • farm the Fall of the Outcasts timeline whose exclusive echo rewards consist of Bows and Quivers. Increasing corruption and venturing further from the center of the timeline will increase the likelihood of these echoes spawning.
  • build up corruption and enemy modifiers within timelines (preferably Empowered Timelines) to increase the “increased item rarity” stat. This modifier increases the average number of affixes on items, resulting in more Rare and Exalted items. It also increases the chance of finding Unique and Set items.
  • lastly, you can use the Rune of Ascendance on any bow base type (that isn’t already a Unique/Set item) for a chance to roll any random drop Unique or Set item of that type. However, the chances for each amount of legendary potential are scaled as if the Unique had dropped at level 100, but are then reduced multiplicatively by a fixed value. Also, this is the most expensive option here as these runes are quite rare.

Doing all of these will maximize your odds of finding this item, and you have the highest chance of getting legendary potential on Uniques that drop in level 100 zones. Also, that item has an “Effective Level for Legendary Potential of 64”, which is a number used internally to calculate an items overall chance of rolling legendary potential with the higher the number equaling a lower chance of legendary potential rolling on the item.


From what I gather here it sounds like you think you need to get a specific unique with legendary potential and while this kind of items are very incentivized to get at some point, the assumption that you get them very reliable is not what these items are meant to be.

On top of that it sounds like you are doing around 100 corruption timelines, which is pretty low considering these are endgame chase items.

Also corruption is not the only factor that determines how often you encounter these special nodes. It is also about how you traverse the echo web (higher depth = more chance for rarer nodes)

Plus on top of just farming for the specific nodes you could also get the %inc bow and %inc unique drop blessings, to give you additional chances for random drops while farming the special nodes.
And use Runes of Ascendence on bows.

Overall I think this shows two things:

  • The assumption that you absolutely need to get these items is flawed
  • It shows that player who already decide to “target farm” a specific unique with legendary potential decide to do so without fully understanding the system yet and possibly (this is an assumption based on only doing 100 corruption monolith) do so while not having other aspects of their character fully optimizerd yet.

So I think we need better explanation how the MoF System works for unexperienced players.
And mroe importantly and probably very hard to do: Convey to players that uniques with LP are not something you can “easy/reliably” get


This idea also doesn’t make a lot of sense, because the next person doesn’t want any bow, but a specific quiver.

And even “low level” uniques can be very desireable for certain builds.


I have those blessings allready. Rune of ascendancy is just not a good option have used a lot of them to try get certain things, but they always make the same few items. And some unique can also not be made this way. I startet at 100 and is climbing up.
And I also know you can reset claimed rewards to give it another go. I know how the things work.
Its just annoying when you need things you never get it. When you dont need them you always get them. I have tryed farming a lot specific items with legendary potential also at 300+ still I never get what I look for. I wish the last epoch tools would tell you whats the best corruption to get specific items, it does with some but far from all.
I see players ask each day how high they need to go to get things.
No one really knows.
I have stashed a lot exalted to specific weapons and armor, but I never get the right drops. I have heard they will lower drop rates in next patch not sure if its true. But I can imagine it will be even harder to get the items than it allready is.
But one thing I pointed out is, that those node specific item is a drop between many items from the same node. And you only get one item, So the chances even at lets say 500-1000 corruption.
Its still only drop one item out of many. So the chances are very very low. And maybe you finally get one wich does not have legendary potential. Its not like the higher corruption make all items suddently legendary potential, this is still about luck even there.

Rune of Ascendance is a very good option, its basically a guaranteed unique bow drop and then it respects the relative rarity of all bows that can coem out of it.
Yes you will get the very common items a lot of the time, but that doesn’t make it a bad option, it is just very rare and expensive.

I think the issue here is that you assume high corruption directly increases your chance of getting what you want. But it only indirectly does (by giving you higher chances for random drops in genral). But since you will also see the “common uniques” even more often you feel like it doesn’t have a great effect.

On top of that corruption also only gives you the maximum benefit if you try to use it to its fullest potential, by going far out in the echo web. (I heard so many people playing MoF and only going out 5-10 echoes deep and reseting the timelien already, because they didn’t know better).

As explaiend earlier, there is no “optimal” corruption to get specific things other then some exceptions that need specific corruption thresholds.

Also having a 3rd party tool to tell the community the best strategy is not somethign I support and want to see.

Even though I know it does happen in a lot of areas (especially stat min-maxing)

Except some specific items, there is only the requirement of having an area level high enough, everything beyond that just simply increases your chances, so they is no answer like “You need to go 158 Corruption with a echo depth 11 to get what you want”.

That is a fair point I actually kinda agree with partially. Your chance on each individual specific unqiue/set item node is the same, regardless of corruption. The only difference is how many of these noes you get at that level of corruption.

But what you suggested with having certain items beign removed from the loot pool is not a good solution, because they will always be people wanting specific other items than you.

You want the Drelkors Compass and the next perosn wants a Hell Reach

What if there is a slight chance for those specific unique/set item nodes to give 2 or 3 items?
And with increasing corruption and echo depth the chance for a 2 or 3 items drop increases?

This what it would feel a bit more rewarding.

Only the boss and quest-specific uniques and those have a different method to farm.

It is frustrating when you don’t get the things you want, nobody is denying that.

It only gives the required corruption for the uniques the the Shade of Orobyss drops as they have minimum corruption requirements.

The devs haven’t said that, people are assuming that will happen when trade is released.

It’s about 1 in 12 for the bow you want, that’s not too low.

It is generally assumed that 300 is the sweet spot between higher drop chance and higher difficulty, but that depends on the build and how much you/it can handle.


Everyone here has explained perfectly how you can improve your chances, I hope that aspect is perfectly covered. As is a common item you cannot target-farm effectively, I would consider perfecting your blessings and hope for the best.

LP items are something you can’t rely on when doing a build, unless is a very low level item, like the usual bleeding heart. And even with those, maybe lady luck is not with you, and you need dozens, even some hundreds of hours to get the desired one with 2+ LP.

In current single player environment, usually is done the other way around, once you get a great LP item, you try to slap the affix or affixes you want, and THEN you can think about building around those items.

I don’t know what you specifically need, maybe bow attack speed or crit multi? If you hope for both, considering the item is L67, wanting a 2LP and land exactly those two… is just something that could perfectly not happen even a thousand hours in. A 1LP and land any of those two is much, much more reasonable.


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