Legendary Item's Recycling Idea - New Dungeon Craft

The Eternity Cache in the dungeon is a pretty sweet mechanic, as well as the implementation of forging a legendary item. Currently on the forums, I’ve not seen this suggestion. I like this game, having a dungeon with more than just a loot box at the end, feels like it should be what this game is. So the Legendary Item Recycling Idea I’m presenting in this post - could be found in an End of Time Dungeon (because of how powerful the craft(s) is/are) - Maybe the devs have something else in mind for End of Time Dungeons - or Rifts - .

So the most obvious crafting idea - Make unique’s that have Legendary Potential - become salvageable into Legendary Potential Essence’s. Now this seems great - salvage unique’s, gather 500-1500 essence’s - add +1 Legendary Potential to any unique. This becomes too deterministic and honestly just a grind with no RNG element to the craft - I’m new to the game, but I’m sure there’s a way to to make a campaign speed farm magic find build to trivialize the amount of legendary potential you could farm in an hour - a turn off when it’s just a chore.

I took a drive today - thinking about how awesome the dungeon crafting mechanic is. I asked myself:

What will the next dungeon we see have as a reward mechanic?
This got me thinking, ALL dungeons should have a cool feature at the end of them.

(((This is a sort of somewhat small side track to the title and just a random dungeon bonus idea)))

-Temporary Buff - “Eternal Blessings” — Double all active blessings —or— Increase (“Insert Monolith Echo Reward”) Spawn Chance — — — Many options to work with. After completing the dungeon A Panel or Device Could have 3 Tiers of Selections - each with a number of options.

Tier 1 Options - Dungeon -or- Arena -or- Monolith — Select 1 of them…
Tier 2 Options - (offer types of options - to help narrow - but not guarantee the “Eternal Blessing”)
Tier 3 Options - Select your Bonus - Spend an extra dungeon key (of your choice) to increase or decrease bonus by 25%. (50/50 chance) A way to burn excess keys of certain dungeons-or possibly arena keys.

These “Eternal Blessings” would last for an hour - but on death - they lose 25% (additive) effectiveness. Therefore - If you upgraded your blessing by spending a key, you’d have 125% effectiveness or in other words 1 hour or 5 deaths uptime, whichever happens first. Similarly, 100% and 75% blessings would be affected the same way on death.

The trick to these - is to not increase player power ( a pseudo increase though - Like find more shrines) ; - but otherwise the item hunt. Like - - Eternals dropped have max forging potential - - or - - Chance to find unique’s your wearing, increased by -‘more’-.

Arena type blessings would need to be adjusted - maybe no time limit - but rather a reward to the loot box - or an active ability to literally god gamer move a wave by skipping it or doing what Julra did to me the first time I fought her - annihilated everything with a sic AoE pulse. Bosses Immune to this of course. Yeah right, no player power - but ARENA is competitive - and having powerful mods that you get from a dungeon could add to the round circle of gameplay, without being too convoluted.
The difference of Arena Blessings?(if chosen) Arena sub class blessings - when gambled - gamble for the number of uses (base of 5 - - gamble to 10) - lasts forever - in any zone - but 1 charge is consumed on arena key usage - or deaths outside of the arena =). So yes you can roll a 7 mod arena blessing do 3 of them, farm for better gloves in Mono’s for a while, deathless, then go back and do 4 arenas with this blessing.
Yeah so you have to farm a dungeon to get an arena blessing. But anyone pushing arena waves, can do a dungeon on that character. Or make them tradeable, but lore won’t allow it.

(((Back to how we can improve the Legendary Systems Longevity)))
"The Legendary Salvaging Bench"- This Bench is an end of dungeon Legendary recycling system. A true endgame system that enhances the current one, without being too deterministic in the infancy stages of you’re playtime.

(((A sidetrack related to Lore for this idea - "The dungeon boss is a twinned boss. Life and Death theme - similar to the binary theme of the crafting at the end of this new dungeon - Death of legendary items and the “Birth” of new ones.)))

How it works? Take 2 unwanted legendary item’s and destroy them.
What Legendary’s do I destroy? Specifically - ANY 2 - with the same number of legendary affixes (–OR-- 2 of the same actual Legendary (duplicates) with ANY amount of affixes.
Why those exact parameters? Because I thought about it it long and hard.
What do you get? A chance to receive an LP Orb. This Legendary Potential Orb can then be used in the bench to add +1 Legendary Potential to any unique item containing at least 1 LP already. Can not be used on items containing 4LP.
The catch? An item can only be enhanced this way 1 time. An item enhanced by this orb, yes, if upgraded to a legendary, it can be destroyed again using the previous process.

The chance of receiving this crafting orb is very low ; the chance is determined by the number of legendary affixes salvaged. If salvaging any 2 random items, the weighting is lower, even though they have the same LP. When salvaging 2 items of the same unique base, the weighting is higher. No extra bonus is applied if these duplicate items have the same LP.

Salvaging 2 of +4 LP items this way - guaranties some huge insane epic ridiculous bonus!

!!!I DIDN’T GET AN ORB!!! - not to worry, you’ll receive tons of crafting materials for the salvage - with a bonus chance to fetch class specific Affix Shards (Yes!-Based on your class - not the items). So we are Bricking Red items, to get orbs to upgrade our Orange items, if our red items are low level we might not even get 1 orb, but at least we get tons of crafting items, or other good items. Yes - this will make a lot more impossible items in the game possible - but but but - good luck finding that 3LP Item you’re farming from Orybss, or whomever-with decent rolls.(Possibly build bricking if the rolls on one stat aren’t good enough).

What’s more awesome than having an almost awesome item? Making another one, then destroying it!

That’s the gist of the idea. Having unlimited uses of adding +LP to a unique would be - no fun.

An additional crafting idea tied into this previous one?
Only Existing Legendary Items can be modified this following way.
“Fractured Reality”
Yeah - why don’t we add a way to the game to enhance legendary’s with fractured affixes - Now here’s where it gets tricky- you need ANY 2 exalted items with the same mod fractured
It they are both tier 6 mods then extract tier 6, tier 7 = 7, the hybrid 6 and 7, creates a new 6.5 tier (only specifically for this extraction). This extraction is SAVED in the crafting bench and not tradeable. Multiple extractions can be saved in the same characters crafting bench.

Use the extraction by slapping it onto you’re item (as if finding two fractured mods wasn’t hard enough- add a 10 LP Orb(mentioned earlier) cost to this- the tier is already set - but does reroll the mod, on application, to the item within the tier or within the pseudo tier.

Ok sounds good right? (It does - in my head) We can Make a 3LP Legendary into a 4LP.
But what do I do with my awesome 4LP Juicy Red Item? Make it better by rerolling any mod into a higher tier.

So what happens if my awesome Legendary already has the mod that I want to fracture, on it already?
But theLegendary 1H Sword that I’m USING only has Tier 5 Melee Critical Strike Chance on it?
You know the Tier 7 - Melee Critical Strike Chance that’s extracted and stored in my bench-will come in handy for this dilemma.
Upgrade that Tier 5 mod Into a Tier 7.
Well it rerolls that mod - To the new extracted tier, within that tier- roll weighting could be slightly improved by extracting fractures off of exalted items that still have forging potential on them (like a small chance if a threshold of 10 is reached - but cannot be increased further) - or the extraction bonus is totally random, and displayed in the bench
“Tier 6.5 Melee Critical Strike Chance extracted! {+17 Luck Chance}” it’s just a roll weighting.

This Fracturing Reality gimmick will work on my Red 3 LP staff? Yes.
This staff was a 2 LP Orange , but I used a Legendary Potential Orb to make it a 3 LP Orange. When I forged it in the Eternity Cache, It hit BOTH T6 mods I wanted but the third really good mod type it hit unfortunately, was only Tier 3. Will it still work after using the LP Orb to upgrade it? Yes, you can add a new mod and make a 4LP!
But I don’t want to add another mod to it, will it still work? Yes. Just reroll the existing Tier 3 mod, or one of the two Tier 6 mods. MAKE SURE that the Fractured exalted items have exactly the mod you want to modify or add to you’re staff.

I think having a way to make LP4 items without it taking forever - but still not easy - Is cool.
The other awesome thing about “Fracturing Reality” - on a Legendary - is that yes we can get exactly what we want, it won’t be perfect, only the lucky few will have those items, but very very good.
Somebody out there is gonna create that item with 4 tier 7 mods on a really, really good base - will it be you with this system? Maybe maybe not. This type of chase makes target farming even more exciting - YAY it finally dropped - OMG - LP3 - bam - upgraded to LP4.
Been playing for long time - still no upgrade to my amazing item I lucked out on a while ago. Time to upgrade it - Gonna fracture my 4LP - I’ll reroll cold resist, it is only Tier 5 - bam - fracture the mod. LP4 Items cannot GAIN an additional mod. They can only have ONE mod rerolled on them, regardless of how the 4LP Red item was aquired.

Legendary’s Fractured in this or any way - Cannot be Dropped/Sold/Deleted/Removed from game/ they are permanent stash hogs.

Does an idea like this have viability? We need something to do and a point to do it. Pseudo deterministic crafting - not toooo punishing , But still If current drop rates for LP 3 and 4 high I’lvl stay as they are now, These ideas seems balanced!

Thank you, and good luck!

So much to digest haha. I’ll go for parts because I like what I read.

Not long ago I say in a topic that I -personally- would like to have a way to add LP to Uniques with no LP through a crafting material that you can get in Endgame only. So, let me know if I get it wrong (because my English sometimes sucks), but you suggest:

  • You go to the “Recycling Dungeon”
  • Complete it and have access to “Recycling Bench”
  • Take 2 Legendary items and destroy it for a chance to get a Legendary Potential Orb, also you get crafting materials from them (affix shards I assume?).
  • If you get the Orb and want to use it, repeat Dungeon to access to the Bench again.
  • When done, put in the Bench your Unique of your desire along with the LP Orb. Get +1 LP

I really like it. And sounds fair except the last part about to do the Dungeon again just to apply the LP Orb to the Unique. I think that part could work well just to applying it in any Forge considering how hard will be to get this Orb, so would’t be “gg ez”.

EDIT: I’ll mention here the problems that can generate this system:

  • PROBLEM 1: People will make Legendary just to throw it like trash so they can add LP to the Unique they want, making them worthless (and a Legendary item shouldn’t be that?). Also, it’s an annoying process considering you will make Legendary (Temporal Sanctum, 1 Unique + 1 Exalted) just to try to get the LP Orb (another Dungeon), and not only 1 time each. One different solution would be change the idea of recycling Legendary items for recycling Uniques items with LP. This will change your idea, so what’s your thoughts? EDIT 2: Well, I know I was missing something. You already mentioned this, but as my POV, it’s still more viable than recycling Legendary items.
  • PROBLEM 2: This can make the 4 LP items “easy” to get. I think that shouldn’t happen, so this part need a little tweak. Like needing more Orbs than 1 to make 3 and 4 LP Uniques. EDIT 3: I missed that part were you explain that this Orb can be apply 1 time to a Unique item, so I’ll assume it will have “mark” on the item clarifying that can’t be used again. I’ll add that would be better if this LP Orb can’t be used on items with already 3 LP (so 4 LP should be “Drop Only”, like the Exalted affixes).

This part I would personally change it a bit (unless I understand it wrong):

  • If you use 2 random Legendary with 1 Legendary affix each (previously 1 LP Uniques, to difference it I’ll call them: 1 Legendary Affix = 1 LA), you will have a total of 2 LA and with that, a determined % of get the LP Orb (low).
  • If you bring 1 Legendary with 3 LA and another one with 2 LA, you will get a total of 5 LA so you will have better chances to get the Orb but still low (more total LA, more chances).
  • Now, if you use 2 Legendary of the same base, you will get a fixed % to get the Orb + the % of adding the total LA they have. I assume even if you use 2 Legendary with 4 LA each and with the same base, the chances to get the Orb wouldn’t reach even 50%.

I like it if work in this way, but I’m not sure if I said exactly the same you wrote :thinking: anyway as I say before I prefer the use of Uniques with LP instead of Legendary ítems.

This one is not that I don’t like it too, but I feel like the Legendary are an item that should be a final step, so can’t be modified further (but I say yes to recycling).

Unless I’m wrong and would be healthy for the game if a Legendary can have extra steps, but my personal thought, is that the process of keep modifying items should be for the Exalted ones. I would like to think that an Endgame character in the future will use a combination of Legendary items along with special Exalted items (like PoE have “influenced” items, LE can have “influenced” Exalted items who can’t be used to make Legendary. Again, my personal thought.

I dont have time to read that only skimread parts. Ive posted prior about a similair system of upgrading uniques

Personally I dont have further feedback anymore, I think the legendary system is a bit of a failure, was released way too early and holds the players completely accountable so if they get nothing good its their fault really while at the same time EHG didnt have to design anything and gave us nothing to get hyped about. There also isnt enough uniques in the game to support this system

No agency on unique hunting, basically PoE RNG of ‘hope it drops’

The issue I was wanting vastly more than this, I wanted build defining uniques, extremely strong pieces of gear that had interesting effects etc

We ended up getting Increased damage%…yay…

I got my 4LP Bleeding Heart with 200% increased damage and noticed nothing at all different

The RNG isnt any different to PoEs crafting

My idea was to have to fight Julra to go above 2LP on that item, if you died to her you lost the item for good.

Nobody would like this as nobody here wants to earn anything through difficult combat, they just want to trudge through monoliths skipping all mobs hoping the container at the end has their unique

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Agreed, this is my current take on the state of the end game. IMO, Legendaries added nothing PoE is for gambling addicts with the layers upon layers of RNG, then the streamer and 1% always get theirs by volume by doing what you just said. When mobs take longer than 0.1 seconds to kill they skip it and get rewarded anyways due to the SPEED of the boss kill, not SKILL.

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I don’t want to be the Devil’s advocate or something, but I want to hear more about the problem. Maybe want to create a new topic? (or show me where is this discussed).

The low amount of Uniques will be solved with the time. I don’t understand the other at all. The problem is the RNG? I admit that if a Legendary item is supposedly to be a ultimate item, finishing a 1 LP Unique with 1 random modifier from an Exalted one, doesn’t feel like a “Legendary” one. Yeah, that make me think if this system should be changed, like only upgrade 3-4 LP Uniques, making more viable to get them through others ways but at the same time, make more hard the access to the Temporal Sanctum Bench. Or move the Bench from the Temporal Sanctum to another more hard-level Dungeon and replace it with something different. That would be a trully Legendary Endgame item. Unless you don’t want the combination of Exalted + Unique? :thinking:

If this is for the chance of get LP items, I agree.

They should be added with the time? And I would like to modify some Uniques to not feel like they’re worthless for the Endgame (Alchemist’s Ladle for example) because if every Unique can have a chance to be a Legendary item… Then any of the Uniques should feel like can be powerful enough or give variations to the builds -powerful doesn’t mean more damage-, unless Dev team categorize the Uniques in parts: low level with no LP possible (so they can be “worthless”) and high level with LP possible, but I don’t feel like this is the way.

Like a punishing system? Place the Unique, fight Julra and if you lost, byebye the item? It’s something different but I don’t know if I like it or not :thinking:

I agree, and I hope that will be changed. I don’t want the meta to just ignore the map and go for the objetive. I’m the type of person who like to explore and see what’s behind every corner of the map. Besides monsters and a random small chest, there isn’t nothing else to see. A shame for this part.

Hey guys.

Yeah I suppose being able to modify Legendary’s would be a problem.

In response to @Shrukn , I’m so new to the game that I have the “Hey, uniques are exciting to find, because of LP Points”------I see once you get 1000 hours in it’s gonna be the same old crap, I’m seeing it already. 10-1 useless uniques (Many are useless - unless they are truly build defining). And like you say - a 2LP - that rips the right mods - is as good OR better then a poorly rolled base with 4LP.----You’re idea of a challenge mode to enhance a unique - is awesome - to make it evil - make sure that the unique being upgraded has to be in the characters inventory - and it becomes bound to that character ( so not afk dungeon farmers to level you’re gear).

Basically you’re summary is exactly what I was thinking. A system to make crap rolled Legendaries useful, and to encourage the item hunt/grind.
After thinking about it - having a system to enhance or enchant Exalted items would be great.
For example: {{{Add +1 Tier to any affix and add 20-30 Forging Potential}}} something like that would let you potentially recover bases that bricked --OR-- let you take a good base and get that tier 7 + skill shard that you NEED for your build.

It’s a shame the forums get archived/deleted, I’ll see if I can find what you posted @Shrukn

Take care, Happy New Year!

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** I think there really has to be a way to add Forging Potential to Items**

Yeah reading through some of you’re posts, I see you’ve touched on the Forging Potential issue as well.

That part is what I don’t like. Legendary items shouldn’t be crap. Or maybe it’s a problem that I only see, not a big deal really. Recycling them it’s one step to not throw them to a vendor NPC. I personally would like that LP Orb implemented but recycling Uniques with LP instead of Legendaries OR why not a combination? Like, you can place in the recycling bench:

  1. Recycle 2 Uniques with LP and try to get the LP Orb.
  2. Recyle 1 Legendary and 1 Unique with LP to try to get the LP Orb (a slight better chance)
  3. Recycle 2 Legendary to get the LP Orb (better chance than 2, still not high)

People are selling to NPC the Uniques with LP that doesn’t are useful for they builds. This way will make them have some value and not be trash. All can be adjusted, like instead of % of get the LP Orb, give -as you say before- shards of the LP Orb if you bring 2 Uniques with LP, more shards if you give a Legendary, etc. We can have many variations.

I would like that too but maybe not in his current state (but I see there is a problem anyway). If in a future we get something like “Influenced” Exalted items or Exalted items transformed to → A item, B item, etc., a way to add FP would be nice (or when the item transforms, give additional random FP by default, Idk). I can only speculate at this point.

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