Legendary item re-craft system

Getting wrong affix on the legendary potencial slots feels pretty frustrated and normaly it would be hard to get a new unique item with mutiple legendary potencial slot on it and the right affix base item.Also the item we crafted just being useless. We need a system to re-craft the legendary item that could delete the affix on the item and make it back to legendary potencial slot.

Nitpick: with very very few exceptions (I can think of only one in fact), the legendary is always better than the unique was, so…

Not sure where I stand on this. I have “ruined” so many Legendaries (and lost so many good Exalteds, even with Creation runes existing), that I guess I’ve just came to terms with it.

Honestly, I like the base idea but I also see the problem with that as the highest LP items are hard to get for a reason and if you can just reset, rinse, repeat, it can become a problem.

For that reason, I would like to add a small idea that when you “reset” a unique, you also lose 1LP (so a 3LP would reset into a 2LP). That way, you do not lose everything but you also cannot do that infinitely until you get the pairing that you want.


That’s actually a really nice idea. :+1:

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Good idea but for example such as Spellblade, you will need 2 LP (CD and movement speed) to alppy on the Snowdrit. Once u failed one of it and tring to rebuild it but the LP just become to 1 then u still need to get a new 2 LP Snowdrit. My opinion is to limit that how many times you can rebuild it (maybe3~5?), or just need to have a condition when u need to rebuild it (like complet 3 bosses or something like that)

For the most part that is your fault then.
If you don’t choose an exalted item that has 4 good useful stats that is on you.

There are definitely some cases we’re you only would replace a well crafted rare/exalted with a Legendary if you get a very specific affixes on it. But for example for builds that use specific uniques anyway, regardless of LP or not, then it is on the player to get the most value out of 1 or 2 LP uniques.

I personally think this is one of the absolute best things about the legendary system.
The dynamic when crafting a 1LP unique and if you want to “risk” your perfect 4 desired stat exalted item or if you only slam a exalted item with 3 useless stats and 1 desired Stat.

I would not want anything to change this dynamic and what you suggest would devalue LP and legendary items by a huge margin.


Then it would be on you there to decide if resetting a LP2 into a LP1 is better than farming for a new LP2 item.

I just added the idea as way to limit the infinite loop of the original idea. It is up to EHG to decide if they want that kind of things and if yes, how they want to limit it to avoid problems.

Perhaps this could be the gold sink that the game doesn’t really have at the moment. I imagine the more LP an item has the more it would cost to reset it.

Instead of recrafting the LP item, I’d rather see a system where we can use a rune or something to potentially remove unwanted affixes off the Elite item. IE: You use the rune it has a 25% chance to “deaden” one of the affixes on the item, but it takes all of the remaining FP left on the item. (requires at least 1 FP to work) - it’s risk vs reward. We have affix blocking when doing semi-advanced crafting mechanics in POE, and it works great for people who know how to do it (except you can actually block specific ones almost guaranteed, or at least make it a 50/50 shot when you do your near end steps of the craft cycle).

This way it’d increase your chances of hitting your desired affix, without allowing you to continuously cycle the LP item, and if you have a 3 LP item you have a shot to guarantee your GG craft.

There’s already a system for recrafting Legendary items. You find another unique and another exalted item and use the Eternity Cache again.

These “make the strongest items in the game easier to get” suggestions need to go back to the Diablo forums where they belong.

This is basically the ‘beyond needed’ aspect of itemization in the game.
You gamble on getting a good outcome.
If you don’t get one then the base item can still be used actually unlike in other games (Corrupting an item in PoE for example bricks it completely quite often)

How did it get worse? Can’t you equip it anymore?
You just didn’t get more it stayed at least the same.

Nah, we don’t need a system to make an already good mechanic into one which has another hoop because you’re not happy with the consequences.
It’s as much needed as adjusting the LP potential an item has in the first place.

LP is a bonus, always was meant as such, never less never more.

Exactly this, legendaries are not supposed to be available in high quantity.
They are meant to be really hard to acquire and get the right one.

This for example is a viable idea!
It has an inherent cost and makes the item vastly less valuable.

Still increases the quantity of good items available more but nonetheless at least something in the right direction!

Yes, so find another 2 LP one, there you go.

As for the chances? Nah, absolutely not. Why should they give you several chances for a mechanic which was specifically built with causing non-useful outcomes because you’re unhappy with the result?

So… what is a ‘elite’ item? I don’t get what exactly you’re referring to.
Also uniques have no forging potential.

If you’re talking about removing affixes from a ‘normal’ (no matter the rarity) item then that already exists, rune of removal.

So yes, that exists already.

If you’re talking about allowing direct crafting on LP items? No… baaad idea, we have a great system in place which is limited for a reason.

I wouldn’t be so overzealous with that comment… but I agree D4 should provide easier access to a shako rather then a 1 in 50000 hour drop-rate :rofl:

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A potentially solution would be to allow you to use 1-3 affix exalteds to craft LP 1-3 items.

Runes of erasing are random in what they remove so actually making a 1 or 2 affix item that keeps the stats you want is reasonably difficult as it is and then add in the fact that your merge item has to be exalted so if you remove one or all t6-7 affixes then it is no longer usable as it will not be exalted anymore.

If it is too easy to do then possibly make it so that higher tier affixes have a higher chance to be removed, increasing the RNG even more.

You see, nobody is saying make them “Easier” to get, what they are saying is make it less “Random” people don’t want to rely solely on luck, luck is not a difficuly.

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Yes they are. The suggestion of this thread is literally to make it easier to try again if you don’t get the outcome you want.

Then join the Merchant’s Guild.

Yes, it is. And if you don’t like that that’s how it works, don’t play games that revolve around random loot.

The best items in the game are rare and hard to get, and that’s how it should be. Again, if you want amazing items vomited at you, play Diablo.

How does one define “needed” in any objective way though? With an indefinite scale of both difficulty and efficiency, everything you could use beyond “the build literally does not function without it” is always going to be needed for something.

I think the system is fine. Difficulty and gambling is inherent to the system and even though you probably don’t realize it, it is what makes actually hitting a home run feel so rewarding and fun.

If you make everything easy to obtain nothing feels special…

This is something I’ve thought about as well.

It would make build progression ridiculously fast though, the gamble mechanic implemented inherently in the system is actually a good thing. That’s why we get 1 LP items with a 15% drop chance or so for many while 4 LP items are 1 in several million.

If that’s implemented the inherent rate for the 1 LP drops would need to fall down massively as the RNG factor in that system is already thought about, so you would need to remove that 15% and instead let LP items drop with a 1% chance for example, far less then then expected chance of outcome would suggest as it becomes deterministic suddenly

Yes, that was my thought at first as well… but… it’s actually surprisingly not that easy.

The system only states ‘this item drops with an exalted ranked affix’ and that’s it. It has no limitations for the affix amount on that item but seems to choose a slot at random, check if it has an affix and upgrades that to 6 or 7 when it happens.

This means there can be 2 or 3 affix LPs dropped, which usually would force you to craft them into something which has 4 affixes, each of them at least viable for the build (Potion health to ward could theoretically be detrimental after all for example).

This layer hence needs to be taken into consideration, as well as the chance to already drop less then 4 affixes filled which makes the chance for only leaving the exalted mod with removal runes vastly higher as well.

It topples the whole math behind the surprisingly well balanced mechanic EHG built.

But it’s a viable alternative system overall!

RNG is directly tied to acquisition rate though.
Loot based games like LE are designed to give you perceived ‘garbage’ in masses since it makes the good stuff stand out.
They could simply remove all the bad drops which can’t be viable for you in the first place and limit it to dropping only items which fall roughly in a reliable affix range related to the content you run as well as forging potential on said item… but they don’t.
It would make the game feel ‘empty’.

This is simply a filler mechanic to allow those items you then craft to even exist in the first place, because getting the chance for a good outcome rather then the finalized product presented is a dopamine rush for the brain a lot more often then once every few hours.

So yes ‘luck’ is a difficulty mechanic of some sort, just not one which we commonly perceive as that. It’s nonetheless really really important.

Can you get to empowered monoliths and run them at 100 corruption without them?
Not needed.

That’s the baseline this game currently provides by design.

Then we can move further, what the devs balance around.
Do you get gear reliably in a measure that you can run 300 corruption monoliths?
If the answer is ‘yes’ you’ve achieved the max of what they’ve actually intended the game to be played.
This is achieved with 1-2 LP common uniques rather then boss-drops even. Or non LP boss drops.

Everything beyond?
Flex-range. Extra.

I see where you’re coming from there.
But a baseline exists, a design choice ‘how long should it take to reach point ‘x’?’ is an important question for devs.
Also ‘what content are people supposed to run long-term?’ is another one.

The current state is that builds can baseline run 300 corruption without heavy investment and everything beyond is something which can vastly vary depending on effort, build type and the variety of acquisition rate for gear towards achieving that.

A build which reaches 300 corruption with common 2 LP + crafting it properly is roughly in line with the acquisition of the rare boss drops in terms of time investment actually. Depending on personal luck and actual acquisition focus I would say in the current state the 2 LP common unique is easier to get (CoF says hello) and a bit out of touch with the boss drops.

Which is why the argument about specifically boosting drop boss unique acquisition through CoF has become a topic… but the other stuff not so much.

No no, I meant exalted items, sorry… brain fuzz (been travelling this week lol).

So for instance with this you could have an exalted item with an affix array like this: T7(Most Desirable)
T5 (Second Most Desirable)
T5 (Third Most Desirable)
T5 (Least Desirable)

Instead of rune of removaling and completely bricking the item if the T7 gets removed, a rune of obstruction (name I came up with for the idea) would be able to be used to ‘block’ one of the 4 affixes that could possibly be transferred when you slam the exalted item into your legendary item with LP on it. Therefore if it does ‘block’ the T7 affix, the item isn’t completely useless now because you could still use it in the interim since the T7 affix wasn’t converted into affix shards.

Just a thought, comes from POE where you can benchcraft the affix you don’t want onto an item and then use veiling to get the affix you actually do want and then bench craft another desirable affix in place of the one you used to block the veiled affix options.
(Sorry if you don’t play POE and that doesn’t make sense to you).

I agree with you the last thing we need is for drop rates to be ramped up because ppl don’t want to farm, and direct crafting onto LP gear is definitely a NO-NO-NO kinda defeats the purpose of them being unique :).

So let’s say in my example you want to rune of removal to try to get rid of the least desirable and you hit it, you could then rune of obstruction to try to remove the third most desirable affix and then slam the 2 affix exalted (which is now the T7 and T5 second most desirable affix) item into a 2LP unique instead of having to grind your butt off for a higher LP item to guarantee your craft.

Thanks for your question!

That’s a very interesting idea! Another layer of complexity which people can think about.

Nice idea I gotta say! I like it.

8000+ hours in PoE
It very well does :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, I get the gist behind it. The big question is how it would affect the overall acquisition rate for gearing up characters with those desirable items hence. If you block the exalted affix itself on a bad base and it’s not a ‘rare’ affix either it becomes clearly useless, so far so good.

But it also causes the sink for highly desirable affixes to be used up (like +skill) less likely, leaving those on the market, making the mid-game acquisition through MG and overall time investment there less.

Definitely something to think about more in-depth though with some overall adjustments.

There is a difference between making it “Easier” and making it more determined. More determined means it would take roughly the same amount of time but I can spend that time and have more of a guarentee that I will achieve the goal. The current system is very random. I could get it first try or it might take me 50.

I already did, being part of the MG does not mean you skip crafting entirely.

You have clearly never played Diablo and are just regurgitating shit that everybody else says.

Diablo 2 has extremely rare drops, so does Diablo 4. Getting perfect rolls on D4 can be quite difficult, not to mention the Uber uniques. D3 is about the only game that has loot explosions like your are discribing, actually LE has more loot drop than D4.

Relying on luck does not make something difficult. Therefore luck is not a way to measure difficulty.

It is a form of time management, I am in no way saying to remove all RNG from the game however this game has layers upon layers upon layers on RNG.

Taking some of this away and placing a more determined outcome while maintaining a similar time expecation to achieving the goal would go a long way to giving you a more progressive gameplay experience.