Legendary crafting bug

Generally, you should include:
What went wrong?
Log File
Screenshots (via a site like imgur) or video, if applicable


Attempted to craft a legendary item and it disappeared.

Same thing here.

Did a level 80 temp sanctum to upgrade my BiS unique ring and it is now gone…

Same, just happened to me, crafting a legendary “Last Steps” boots and it disappeared after it was done. I wasted a really nice statted experimental item…damn

same here. wanted to try crafting a legendary for the first time and lost 2 rings. tried relogging hoping it would come back :confused:

This just happened to me. I had to press D to switch the Temporal Shift, to be in the opposite timeline from the one you craft in. Weird how you have to switch between them once crafted but maybe I’m missing a reason for this.