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Left Mouse Button

Hey guys , I was just wandering if we could get the left mouse button for skills, and movement to be on ground click. To me it feels like the left click would be perfect for the no mana cost skills (or whatever skill you want to put on it ).

Our reasoning for only having left click be for movement is to avoid ambiguity in what your character is doing. Sure, you can set it so clicking on an enemy attacks and clicking on the ground moves, but if an enemy moves in the way you might do something unexpected.

It is a common request though, so we may reconsider in the future.

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It would inevitably lead to requests to bind movement to the mouse wheel.

Something I’d like to add to the concept:

  1. In general, having more options with keybinds is always better. We could have a simply selection menu for that key, linking it to either a default attack, a skill, or movement. pick ur poison kinda thing.
  2. something I’d love to see: Smart target feature on LMB. set up a “default attack” feature (a.k.a one of the options for LMB aside from skills or movement) on the LMB so that when your holding the button down, it does different things depending on what is targeted at that time. if ground is targeted, it moves the character model to that point (your basic move concept). If it is targeting an enemy, it moves up to the enemy and performs a default attack.

End result is if your holding down the button you character basically continues to move until they reach a mob, then starts to attack it. Mob dies…character moves on till it reaches the next mob w/o having to press the button again. This would make combat much smoother. For a real world example, check out grim dawns default attack system.


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