Left clicking feels terrible

Hello all!

Big fan of the game so far, it’s got a lot of interesting ideas and it’s doing a lot of things very very right!

However a massive issue that has plagued my want to play this game, and one that has increasingly frustrated me as I near my 5th nearly max build, is how bad left clicking feels in this game.

Left clicking is a super key aspect of how an ARPG feels and Last Epoch misses the mark in a lot of respects to it.

First off: Movement

Moving feels okay, and this is not a complaint about movement speed. The issue is how ‘sticky’ mobs are when you are trying to navigate around them.
Every other ARPG out there when you collide with an enemy monster, even a slight angle will allow you to slide around their hitbox to continue on your way. In LE, you grind to a halt with what feels like an inflicted 90% slow.
I was running empowered mono earlier and despite mobs having a huge chance on hit to slow I swear as a melee build I couldn’t even tell that affix was there or affecting me I’ve grown so used to being at 10-15% movement speed when trying to scoot around enemies in a pack.

Secondly: Targeting

For some reason a huge quantity of enemies in this game are ‘invisible’ to the mouse. They have no outline when you hover over them, they present no HP bar up top, they exist on your screen but you cannot target them. AOE and manually attacking where they are work, but combined with the first point, it’s super jank and it doesn’t feel good. It makes ‘move to an out of range enemy’ impossible to use and flat out breaks some things like serpent strike’s ‘out of reach’ melee dash.

Thirdly: Zone transitions

Instantly zoning to a new area when you hit the invisible transition box feels awful. I’ve been shunted into them by enemy forced movement attacks, dodged into them while fighting an enemy near them, etc. It’s left so many drops on the ground during campaign. Moving zones should require a discreet intentional left click.

Fourth: UI/UX issues

The monolith seems to be checking if LMB is currently pressed when the mouse passes over it. This results is some whacky crap happening in instances like dragging a piece of equipment over to the crafting window and the mouse happens to pass over the monolith and it opens the monolith UI and closes your inventory/crafting window.

There is no priority for what windows are open when it comes to tooltips/clickability. If you’re trying to scroll through your available affix shards and the mouse is over your inventory, it will start interacting with your inventory on LMB/mouseover despite you having the window open for affix shards.

It also requires several clicks sometimes to pick items up off of the floor and it’s honestly such a chore how bad picking up items is that it’s forced me to make ever stricter loot filters to avoid picking up items as much as possible.

All of this stuff combined makes for a highly frustrating experience with one of the most fundamental aspects of an ARPG: Left clicking.

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Just bumping to ask if anyone else feels the same way about these issues.

Mayhaps there’s some sort of melee ability I’m missing that makes the sticky collisions a non issue? Or maybe I’m just playing too short range of a melee.

I really struggle with the targeting of dropped items. The game seems to have some serious input delay when it comes to picking up things from the ground. It’s not lag on my side as I have a 4ms ping to the server.

I’ve noticed it with combat abilities as well. I wonder if it’s related to their server issues. It’s very noticeable when compared to other games.

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Every cell in my body agrees to this entire post.


OH BOY, how many times I’ve died to this when I tried to avoid an AoE but somehow I get this artificial 90% slow. It looks dumb, it’s awful, it’s annoying, adds to the game’s jankiness. It’s not fun whenever this happens.

  1. ZONE TRANSITIONS: It hurts even more if you missed your prophecy drops. Who knows if you got 4LP. Even just 1-2LP on some uniques already enough to gives you some dopamine rush.

  2. UI/UX ISSUES: It has gotten worse since the last few updates/fixes. I never had this much constant barrage of tooltip blocking my view pre 1.0. The game just fails to disable some background input when you have another window active (stash, settings, etc). Made me remember that issue where some guy deleted his main character by accident because if you hit the “delete character” button, the screen darkens out BUT for some reason you still can cycle through your characters in the background through left click. And there is no info in the character deletion box on which character you’re actually trying to delete. Though EHG already patched this one.

  3. I’d like to add this. When using controller, closing any window with “B” (xbox) or “O/circle” (PS) by default activates your skill assigned to these buttons. Or if you’re literally near the “next area” and you hit “A” or “X” as confirmation on some window, you’ll enter next area instead.

And I’d like to add too:

The game just struggles to prioritize inputs whenever you have active windows. And I never had this much carpal tunnel issues in any ARPG until I played LE. Fun game though, and my main ARPG of all time. EHG pls fix. I love your game.

They changed that in the most recent patch for this reason. But yes, the rest could be improved.

THIS, for me. I have mostly adapted to ARPGs and the mandatory click to move on PC but I get feeling some kind of way with clicking 5 times to pick something up or activate a shrine because it can’t decide if I am moving or interacting with something.

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