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Left click

I find it really unusual that the left click ONLY move the character. I would like the left click to be used to move AND to weapon attack on enemy.


There is nothing unusual about it.

If you play POE, the first thing to do for many players is to switch left clicking from moving AND attacking to move ONLY.

It is not true

  1. Movement and attack by default are performed with the left mouse click. You cannot set this in the current settings.

  2. In other games, you do not need to press the attack every time, while the button is pressed, the attack occurs automatically by rollback. This game is also implemented in this game.

  3. In other games it is implemented - if you press the attack button on the ground, then the character moves, and if the cursor hits the enemy’s hitbox or destructible object, an attack occurs. This is not implemented here. In addition, if you suddenly came up against the enemy (in the same position), you will not hit him, but he will be at you. We must run away and run back again.

  4. The attack in this game occurs as in other games when you press the shift key ie when attacking from a distance and do not want to run up. There is a similar setting, but it’s not entirely clear why it is necessary when players get used to keeping the attack at a distance through the shift.

I only played a couple of hours, but it is wildly not convenient. Especially for a game of a similar genre.

What a solution I see.

  1. Allow to assign movement and any one skill to one button
  2. If the skill requires a target - prohibit its use until the cursor is on the hit box of the target.
  3. To use a skill that requires a target without specifying it, use the shift key and hold
  4. Determine whether the ground is under the cursor or the opponent’s hit box constantly if the button is pressed on which movement is assigned and a skill requiring an indication of the target. This is necessary so that in the crowd of monsters, it was not necessary to constantly click and break the mouse, but simply to hover over the necessary target.

I paid for the game, I really liked the informativeness of the mechanics in the game. No need to search in any wiki. By this I expressed my thanks to the developers already for this.
But with the current version of control in the game, continuing to test is very nasty and not convenient.

For other players who really did not like the current management, there are two solutions.

  1. Connect a gamepad
  2. Remove the attacking skill from the right mouse button to any button under the index finger of the left hand. It will be more convenient.

I find it moderately unusual as well. I played PoE about a year ago up until act 5, if I remember correctly. I just didn’t like the game and uninstalled it.

Beyond that I play Diablo 2 and 3, Wolcen, Grim Dawn, the Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing, Warhammer 40k Inquisitor and Titan Quest. I jump between these a lot and I play them with the LMB move/attack setup. I hope Last Epoch adopts this approach as it feels more natural as it does in these games.

I think this has Way more to do with balancing builds and limited amount of active skills at 1 time more than it does trying to limit your ability to move abilities around. You can only level 5 skills at a time and so they limit you to using 5 skills at a time. If you could change the movement skill to another ability people would be able to work in a 6th skill. could Break some builds. Im sure eventually when the game is optimized better they will allow to change which spot the move button is, but just not yet.

This is due to the fact that on the gamepad you do not have enough buttons for skills. In any case, the amount of skills is never repelled when developing a ugly control.

And you forgot two things.

  1. The sixth skill cannot be set in the settings, how can you use it? After all, running will select one of five skills on the same button
  2. Specialization of skills only 5. Sixth, if it is, then make it useless.
  1. I didn’t forget anything, Just cause you cant level a 6th skills doesn’t mean there isnt a benefit to having 6 on your skillbar. Case and point a Sentinel Stance, an aura, or a ward/shield. Something thats usefull, stays up full time and you dont need a skill tree to make it useful.

  2. Not everyone plays console, a keyboard has 40 more buttons they could add. So again. Balancing.

  3. Before we bicker back and fourth on what is just both of our opinions and not on fact. Lets just wait for a devs response to prove us both wrong.

Here is an example. Tell me how do you add the sixth skill there?

As an example, I showed how I see a solution - I assigned the use of movement and one skill to the left mouse button. But there must be a restriction in order to assign it was possible only one skill and only together with the movement button.

Like you just said… If you tied a skill to the left mouse click that would be a 6th active skill…

There is no default attack in this game, so lets just say you attached vengeance. Now you dont need vengeance in you skillbar and can add a skill you havent leveled since it would be number 6 and you decide to pop juggurnaut stance. Wa la. 6 skills.

Have you at least looked at the picture above before writing?)

According to it, it turns out that you put vengeance in the 4 slot, and connected it with the movement to the left mouse button.
Once you change the skill in the game in 4 slots in the game, you will not be able to use vengeance - you will use some other skill that you set along with the movement - you will not be able to use 6 skills in the game, because there are only 5 in the settings.
Do you see a line to “Use Ability 6” in the picture? I don’t see either.

In the game, the skill of movement will not disappear anywhere, you still have to choose it in order to be able to move around. Therefore, as it was, it will remain - the skill of movement and 5 skills of the character.

It may sound silly, but no. Some, for example, magicians or archers, it will be more convenient to separately use the movement and attack skills without running up to the target.

Your not playing pc r u?

I play on pc. But I have a gamepad xbox one. But it’s not convenient to play such games with him, I tried.
Please write completely, I don’t know English, I use Google translator.

I hope they give the option for what you want. As an option. That way everyone can play the way they like. Have a good day.

I would very much like this implemented devs.

This feature has since been implemented. The last patch allows the player to bind the attack of the skill slot that is by default RMB to also attack on the LMB, effectively allowing the player to move and attack with the LMB but also avoiding Boardman’s worry of allowing for a sixth active skill.

I wasnt worried about a 6th skill, i want a sixth skill. I want a global skill bar that has 10 skills on it. Lets see what kinda builds we can get proc’n then :stuck_out_tongue:

This I know, but I want to hold left click to move, then hover cursor over enemy and start attacking, without releasing the button. That’s an option in Grim Dawn and Wolcen and I’m very used to it.

For the betterment of your health, I hope they never add a 10 skill bar. You’d never stop playing and probably die of exhaustion/malnutrition >.<

Thats already happening with just 5 skills lol

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