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Lead the pack node with squirrels

frenzy totem has node “Lead the pack” which grant increased critical strike chance granted by WOLF HOWL: 50% per point(250% max)
and unique helmet change our HOWL for RAGE. so how it works? would my squirrels get this 250% crit chance with their RAGE or only wolfs with their HOWL?

I feel like it’s kind of self explanatory. The skill node states it applies specifically to your Wolves’ Howl. The helmet says Howl is replaced by Sciurine Rage - a different ability. I would not expect it to work.

The general trend for descriptions in LE is that if a skill is changed in a way that allows bonuses to the original version to still apply to it, it is called out explicitly.

then simple wolfs better then squirrel


This is a great question for the Ask the Dev’s twitch stream that Mike runs.

Its complicated when it comes to squirrels.

When you use the howl stuff in wolves you still get bonuses even though they didnt howl. you are still granted haste for example from call of the wind.

And testing in game shows me that yes, pressing scurry while a frenzy totem is out with that node does infact give you increased crit.

The wording on herald of the scurry is super ambiguous imo.

Squirrels are also given their own icon on the top left, but are for all purposes wolves. So the warcry node that gives bleed to wolves gives them bleed as well.

Squirrel rage is howl, it should probably say converted similar to how it says wolves are converted to squirrels that way it is more clear that they are still the same thing they just do something different.


The core function of the ‘Wolf’ skill doesnt change though. You dont get a whole new skill tree for Squirrels. It would work solely for the fact EHG didnt code a new skill and probably just added in a code ‘Scurry Equipped’ =wolf animation = squirrel / squirrel=wolfcount =x2

either way you need to test these things and it seems you have and it works. Its like the Poison Vines for well over a year were not poisoning mobs when attunement was supposed to give them poison chance, it just wasnt happening, even had other users say ‘it worked’ then EHG finally fixed it.