LE unplayable in this state

The game is legit unplayable… no excuse. Wolcen levels of absurd… the game is clearly not done.

Not only is the transfer/download times between zones extreme, but buggy on top of it. Alt + Tab while waiting the isn’t viable cus it glitches the game as well, basically a hostage while waiting. Countless times I never get to the next zone at all, the amount of playing I did the last hour was very little, tediously got to experience the same starting zones over and over.

Unrelease the game and finish it, test 1.0 thoroughly. Look what happened to Wolcen cus of launch condition.

Lost all interest for now, Il come back in april to see if we are still in beta


Oh,really? Thanks for letting us know!

offline mode is perfectly playable making your statement untrue

I agree with this !

Also, the amount of simps this game has… of the charts !

yes, we all noticed, thank you for pointing it out though