LE on MacBook M1 Pro via Crossover

Has anybody managed to successfully run the game on Mac via crossover or maybe parallels ? I tried crossover and it runs perfectly smooth on highest settings but the character models will not be visible due to a graphics bug.

This seems only to apply to bodies of the player and enemies.

There is no more mac support afaik.

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It won’t run on Parallels. I mean it will, I tried. Numerous times. But the bog down is majorly bad because LE hasn’t been fully optimized yet. This MIGHT change as they get closer to full release and do more optimization passes.

For now, the only way I can run it is on Bootcamp on my Intel Mac, which runs it really well, actually.

Too sad but but let’s hope the future brings more possibilities to run it on M1 chips via emulation.

M1 Arm silicon is currently unsupported and from being here a while, people have tried various ways to “fudge” it working but nothing seems to work without some sort of problem - essentially making it unplayable even if it will launch. Getting it running like you have (even with the graphical issues) is probably the most successful anyone has been.

Out of interest, did you get the Linux version of LE working via crossover on the M1 pro? (Linux version is downloadable via the account page on the EHG website). Or is it the Windows version you have attempted to get working?

Offical notice re M1 support.

I got the steam version directly running in a crossover-bottle. / Windows version Directx Plugin is also installed. As said, it runs really smooth on highest settings so it’s a pity that the character models are bugged.

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