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LE Darwin Awards! What's your funniest/silliest death?

The title says it all.
Any silly and/or funny death experience you’d like to share? I am looking forward to reading it!

I’ll start:
I ding lvl 35, and start setting up my new skill slot… Forgetting I was in Wraith Dunes, were wraiths keep spawning.
RIP hardcore character.

Any other notable fails? Don’t be shy,.


Never fails when I am in a spire echoes and something else need my attention boom dead :laughing:

Not my own, but this death by Mike while on stream was quite hilarious at the time. :laughing:

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Volatile Re-sepukku deaths will always be my favourite, just catching that siege barrage from the siege golems is chef’s kiss


This is mine - first death 10 seconds in.

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Once I died in the Temple of Eterra, because I was trying to find the good angle to see the deeper possible.

And another time, a huge classic: Volatile Reversal sent me right in Lagon’s beam.

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It’s nice to revisit the classics once in a while. :grin:


My most “Oh crickets + tumbleweed” moment has to be my first run through Masochist & being insta-gibed by the Apprentices after triggering the fight. I had a lot of dodge & assumed that if I didn’t just dodge it I’d be ok. I wasn’t. As soon as they “spawned” they fired their projectile attack, all 3 of which hit & killed me.

I died by the same Soulspear twice ^^. Killed at the start of the projectile and clicked respawn just to ress in the path of the same projectile and die again ^^.


Talk about good luck :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

At least I know it’s possible but I fail to recreate it to make a Vid for it ^^. Somehow I’m on my toes when it comes to soulspears ^^.

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Awww that’s a great one!
Gonna be hard to beat!

I enter a map and then go immediately afk sometimes and then die

Doesnt really matter in LE but ive lost 4 hours of XP grinding due to idiocy more than once

Ive realised though in LE if you dont move nothing gets activated ie Spires…

Died today in fact.

Spending skill points.