[LE-61] Failed to matchmake (and some more stuff happening)

I play the online version but been 100% solo so far.

I don’t have a log from when the [LE-61] Failed to matchmake happened a couple of hours ago. It was a pop top of the screen after temporarily having long, long load times from the character selection lobby.

I play via GeforceNow and generally, that’s been a great experience. I got the nude bug before last fix and the crab boss thing but looks oki now.

This session has been longish today.
Chat worked intermittently, perhaps every third relaunch of the game. I could view the chat but not type to it. Relaunching had an effect, not relogging. This was true before fixes.
New areas were randomly revealed or not revealed. Also true before fixes.
NPC store only refreshes after relaunching the game (not relogging). Put a serious cramp into the shattering progression. Perhaps some runes of shattering could be story quest rewards, in stacks of 5 or 10.

Every time chat was bugged it’s as if other things fail to register. Character defenses mostly.
Other woes is mostly class-specific quest issues. Overall been a blast and the game feels responsive despite playing on a streamed service. I have had almost no stuttering, zero rubberbanding, no lag and no desync.

I want to underline that I’m happy mob density isn’t super heavy, the hardware working overtime when several of those wave-spamming sirens and similar effects are on screen. The xp is plentiful as is. No need to cater to that part of the critique.