Lay Off The Crack Pipe EHG

It has been said countless times that the old Classes will be made as strong as the two new ones (Falconer and Warlock). Just wait for the next cycle and stop crying.

I’d imagine that it’ll take quite a bit longer than the next cycle to bring everything up to snuff.

Plus he has apologised for being a bit of a dick which is no small thing.


He’s just a troll. Unlike everyone else, he added nothing to the conversation. Appreciate the sentiment though Llama, your a good person. Just ignore it, and let the thread die.


Never done it before, not going to start now. :wink:

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And the best part, is that absolutely all masteries have more than one build that can easily do 300. There are builds that’ve been there since pre-historic times, like LB Sorc – that can even do 500 with fairly average gear. I think even Shaman has builds for 300.

And then there’s a Runmaster and Falconer, that can do 3500.

Personally I see nothing wrong with 3500 corruption, especially considering that for now this is the only thing that player can use to combat RNG.
But EHG needs to do 2 things: 1) bring other masteries to that level, and 2) make corruption grind MUCH less of a snooze fest than it currently is.

Quit complaining and play.

They have talked about itemization and how they wanna work on the og classes now instead of the new ones. It takes a lot of time and experimentation for builds and classes to fully come together. There should never be a point where every class is equal, whether it is one build each, or three. This allows players who want to avoid the meta or “op” builds, to just have fun or see what they can possibly do with a weaker build.

Quit telling people what they have to do…

I do see a massive issue with that.

The game is supposed to provide a specific experience, sure… others will now say ‘but what about my experience!’ and it’s a valid argument… from their side.
Devs though have a goal - a necessary one - to provide a baseline which is at least somewhat similar between the variety of playstyles, allowing them to not be extremely out of their range.

This is the case though, and since there’s a good chunk of people which lack the personal ability - more then you imagine - to pace their own gaming habits it means they’ll diverge over to the more effective but less fun option to get the dopamine rush of faster progression instead.
This makes them burn out from the game earlier as well as also providing issues to create content in the future which brings them back as their build already demolishes the prospective future content in the current state.

To 1:
No, the contrary, the ridiculously overperforming ones need to be put down.
I’ll agree to the underperforming to be brought up as well though.

Basically… they need to bring as many builds as possible close to their expected baseline, 20-40% variance above and below is acceptable, everything going clearly beyond is not.

To 2:
Re-working that system is definitely something which should be done, it’s a pure time-based limiter to progression, something I personally say is not enjoyable as it gives you nothing. Without the vast disparity in build power it’s also not needed.
Currently it simply acts as a stop-gap measure for badly balanced mechanics, so getting rid of the root issue will make it unnecessary.

I agree, 100%
The have to work within a range, variance, also allows minor buffs/nerfs between leagues to create a fresh experience.
Vast outliers though are negatively impacting the overall experience.

I agree 100%. Personally, I liked falconer and its power, and I think the solution is to buff others till they are around that level… Maybe nerf falcon a pinch too :stuck_out_tongue:

I know your just trolling but I gotta respond… I would be playing if it wasn’t such a bad experience… and, why are you here not playing, responding to others? Obviously gameplay isn’t keeping your attention either. How hypocritical.

Bro, video games are just supposed to be fun. Simple as that. Some people are way too concerned with what others are doing. The main issue isnt if classes or builds are EQUAL. The issue is are they FUN? IDGAF if someone’s clearing 3500 and I can barely clear 300, my goal is to enjoy my time. I’m not playing in a competitive series of COD, where balance actually matters.

I just want to keep playing the game, but I’m falling asleep thanks to the babies complaining about balance. If the goal isn’t to eventual become OP, your playing the wrong genre of games.

Edit: you wanna talk about balance, why does it cost more mana for 1 attack on my judgement pally than most have in their entire globe?

Considering I’ve been playing the game instead of complaining on forums is insane to you ig. People just wanna play the game and have fun and interact. No need to be toxic and become unnecessarily hostile towards peolle with a different opinion or idea.

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Huh… could you rephrase that or something. I’m lost. But I would like to point out that in whatever case. You took almost no time to respond to my reply. Meaning that this convo is pretty much more important than the video game to you. I feel you were trying to troll, but just strengthened my point even more.

Dude, please calm down, idk why you’re so adament on arguing with people right now. People are just trying to play the game and have fun, plus they have lives outside of a video game forum, lol. You are replying to every single comment in here along with more outside I can imagine, yet you complain about others not being quiet or talking in here more than playing the game. I’ve gotten to 400 corrupt and have had a lot of fun in the game without complaining this much. Why can’t you do the same, like most people? You’re also responding in 5 minutes, lol…

Oh yes, it sounds simple! But what entails ‘fun’ and how to give people the most of it while keeping the product itself alive?
The devs want players to stay as long as possible to get enough funds to expand their service while also giving them the most enjoyable time… or at least as many as possible with the framework of what they personally wanna provide.

And then it starts to get a bit more complex. Business decisions, longevity, future prospects. When money is involved it never is solely about fun… because lets face it, the classic arcade games were damn fun, still are! But nowadays most people want long-lasting enjoyment for low prices… because that’s what video games have become simply.

Yes, but a good chunk of people derive their ‘fun’ from utterly demolishing the content… which is 100% fine!
Some derive it from standing on top, welcome to players for the ladder or speedrunners as an example.

So it makes a difference for a decent portion of people how the balance is handled.

And even if we ignore them we still have the argument of ‘how fun will future content be when balance isn’t handled currently?’ which is also quite important. Imagine new content comes out and you already ‘beat it’ before even attempting it so to say.
Is that fun? We play games to overcome situations (of whatever kind) which then brings us to our perceived goal… which we see as ‘fun’.

Yes, and plainly spoken… we all are? No matter if you play 200 corruption or 3500 corruption… if you run through the content without fearing any sort of death and demolishing both normal enemies and bosses… I would say you have achieved that after all, so there’s a bit more behind that seemingly as it’s already there.

No matter your weakest or strongest build currently.

Clunky mechanical behavior is hence the argumentation we can go for, never how far reaching any build is… and we have some pre-defined builds per classes… which some are more or less clunky currently.

Because it’s a fairly old class with still quite shoddy balancing.

Here we go, part of balance :stuck_out_tongue:

This is funny

Edit: For context. I literally was trying to let the thread die, when your dumbass ass made a comment. GG]

Edit 2: Honestly, you probably should of been swallowed rather than given existence.

Just as an aside (neither agreeing nor disagreeing), but we studied ‘fun’ in games theory at uni, and couldn’t help think of it when I read your post.

There’s some guy called Chimenthali who wrote Flow Theory. I did not spell that name or his work right, some googling would find it but I’m lazy. Ages ago, he analyzed what constitutes ‘fun’. There was two key take-aways really:

  1. It’s better not to use the word ‘fun’, but rather look at what constitutes a ‘fun experience’. What that is, hard to define, except by a key characteristic: immersion. Whenever someone is having fun in a game, they become completely immersed in it. It’s when you sit down for 10 minutes after dinner to play a bit, then suddenly ‘oh s^&%, the sun is coming up’. Time seems to stop as the activity (computer game, board game, hobby, any other ‘fun experience’) consumes all awareness. Yes, the wife asked me to do the dishes 10 times, but no, I didn’t hear her once, I was having too much fun.

  2. The follow-on, is how to achieve this immersion. The most important factor is difficulty. If the task is too difficult, people become frustrated, and it breaks immersion. If the task is too easy, people become bored, and it equally breaks immersion. But, over time, people become more skilled and knowledgable with the task/system. As time goes on, the difficulty needs to scale - and at a very near linear rate, to achieve immersion.

Anyway, thats what I remember about that whole class in a nutshell.